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  1. When you lower the stance on these builds a lot of adjustments factor into it sitting right. If you don't make any adjustments to the interior tin, side panels, front body brace or account for the front steering linkage and radius arms that can affect the final stance.
  2. Check his name, Chuck Boerner, on facebook. He has a page there that showcases all of his work as well as seeing new stuff that he's doing.
  3. More done. Engine is installed and the tires and wheels are permanently attached with tire lettering. Also test fitting the seat and locating the fuel cell.
  4. Tim, as you well know it's risky to go with a finished body early in the build for just that issue that you mentioned above. Handling the body so many times to do mockups and check clearances can be a problem with a finished body. Me personally; I get extra motivation for continuing on a build once I see what the finished product will most likely look like. That plan of attack has back fired on me plenty of times as well. The body is finished only to find that you didn't leave enough room for this part or that part and now you have to try and make adjustments without destroying a paint job. It's not the best way to go but it's how I've always done it so I guess I'll never change.
  5. Back to work on this one. Clear coat is done and I started mocking up the engine and interior tin to make sure everything fits well and that it sits just right.
  6. The biggest negative is that the decals are sized for bodies that he created so they may not fit too well with any main stream available kits. For the most part they are easy to work with. In some cases you will have to cut his decals down into smaller segments for easier application. I was able to get a bit more done. Clear coat is complete and the tire/wheel detail is done.
  7. They are resin castings from a diecast funny car.
  8. A very good friend of mine owns a race used 25th anniversary 94 Trans Am pace car from the AC Delco 500 in Rockingham. He has always wanted to acquire one of my pro mod builds for his collection of models. So, I presented him with the idea that I go out on a limb and build him a pro mod based on his street trim pace car. He was all for it so here we go. I am starting with a kit bash of the Revell 98 T/A pro stock kit and the Revell 25th anniversary kit. I converted the 98 body to a 94 by grafting on the 94 nose as well as inserting the hood scallops from the 94. He wanted a blown pro mod so there will be a blower sticking through the hood. The first pick is of the real car that this build is based on.
  9. Thanks for all of the compliments. I'm really pleased with the final outcome on this one.
  10. I added them after these pics were taken. I had some photo-etch cassettes that I added to the front seat.
  11. Superb build. Excellent job on the weathering.
  12. Thanks Ron. I was hoping you'd appreciate this considering your profile pic.
  13. I actually started building this as a two door. Once I got far enough along i decided that it just wouldn't look right unless I added the back door. I cut away enough material from the b-pillar to to get the right look of the back door window area and then drew out the new door line based on pics found on the internet. In this pic you can still see the original door line, which I filled in after scribing the new lines. I also cut away the door handle, filled it in and drilled out the new location for the handle on the back door.
  14. Here's my most recent completed build. Our family attorney and friend is a huge fan of the movie "The Big Lebowski". He has so much movie memorabilia in his office so I decided to surprise him by building the Dude's Torino. Mind you, this build is not even close to 100% accurate but I did the best job that I could to replicate the car. It's the wrong year but I started with the Revell Starsky and Hutch kit and converted the body to four doors. I added the weathering to the best of my ability. The only body damage done was to tweak the hood and remove all but one of the door handles. I didn't do anything fancy with the suspension as it will never be seen and I did build the engine that comes in the kit even though I'm sure the car in the movie would have been a simple base, small displacement engine. It won't be seen anyways. It was a rather simple build, other than the door conversion and I'm pretty happy with the results.
  15. Thanks for all of the compliments. It"s 1/25 scale.
  16. That is some mind blowing detail and craftsmanship.
  17. After six months of work today I was able to put the finishing touches on my 70 Cuda twin turbo pro mod.
  18. Once the windshield glass is installed the A-pillars will be secured to the chassis.
  19. Thanks. The black braided line is actually elastic cord found at Michael's. It looks like high pressure line and because it's elastic it bends without collapsing.
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