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  1. Excellent job. I'm a Mopar guy but I've always liked the lines of 66-67 Nova. Black is a hard color to paint but you pulled it off perfectly.
  2. Thanks for the kind words, Randy. As far as the chure cords goes, like most detail that I add I try to find an inexpensive way to come up with raw materials that can be used for detail purposes. The chute cords here are actually cut from an elastic strap from an I.D. holder from a corpoarte event that I attended with my job. For some reason I saved all of these over the last few years and now I have found a use for them. I just cut them to size and added some Testors metalizer paint to them.
  3. That is sharp. Kinda gives me ideas of what to do with my 60 Fury that I have future plans for.
  4. That is one sweet looking build. The two tone look is perfect.
  5. The existing web site will be down sometime in May and as soon as it is done I will have all of the albums fully updated on my site. Thanks for asking.
  6. Here are some pictures of my latest project. This has been a four month build. A resin body from Freeman and a funny car chassis from Revell. Lots of detail with every bit of wiring possible.
  7. Here are the completed pics. of my fuel altered. The wheelie bar is scratchbuilt out of aluminum tubing with added netting created using painted masking tape. The build has every possible wiring I could think of to be added.
  8. Excellent build. Very clean engine detail. The front wing looks perfect. Great job.
  9. Better late than never. Here is a link to the pictures from this past weekends NNL in Portland. Another awesome show with over 250 top quality models on display. Over 30 vendors in attendance as well. http://public.fotki.com/1320wayne/model_sh...pacific-northw/
  10. Andy, I am working on the same project and the chassis that I am using for a full detail Omni is out of the Revell Chevy Beretta pro street kit. It needs some minor adjustments to make it look more accurate but it fits right under the body perfectly. The wheelbase is spot on.
  11. Very nice builds. I especially like the Ronnie Sox car.
  12. I have updated pics. of the prgress on this one. I moved the info. over to the new Drag Racing section of the forum. If you are interested check it out there.
  13. Here are some new pics. Engine detail is well underway. I have added the plug wires, fuel lines, oil dump tubes, resin cast a/n fittings, etc.. I have also scratchbuilt the magneto and cast a couple of ignition boxes and wired them as well. The compute box is set for additional wiring. There is also a toggle switch on the side of the computer box for turning the sytem on and off as well as the download plug. Although it's hard to see there is also the linkage on the front of the fuel pump for the fuel shut off. Many more details to come like all of the wiring for all of the different engine sensors, blower hold down straps, throttle linkage and cable as well as all of the drivers compartment detail. Stay tuned.
  14. Yes, I did cut out the hatch and hinge it. It's actually an easily added detail.
  15. To fix the ride height all you need to do is to cut down the rear springs to your desired length. Probably no more than 1/16" and the front suspension could use the same treatment by cutting off the front spindles and raising them about 1/16" to lower the front as well.
  16. Awesome detail. A superb build from every angle.
  17. Wow!!!!!!!! That looks great. I can't wait to see what this one will look like when it's finished.
  18. I found this one picture. I know that it is a diecast but if it's accurate (and I have no reason to think that it's not) then at least I now know what the roof and hood look like.
  19. Here are a couple of pictures of the Ron Capps 97 Copenhagen Camaro funny car. The body is a resin piece from Comp. resins and the decals are a combination of Slixx and aftermarket. The body features an opening roof hatch and the chassis and engine has full detail.
  20. Looks like you are more prepared than I could have imagined. That is an impressive list. Please keep us updated with your progress. By the way, in your available research, would you happen to have any color shots of the 71 Roadrunner? All I have is a couple of small black and whites. I can see from those that the paint scheme is pretty simple and follows some of the other cars but I would love to have something in color to go by. Thanks.
  21. Andy, this is an impressive task ahead of you. What does your list look like, aside from what you have shown already? I am currently working on the same type of task. To date I only have the 65 altered wheelbase car done. But I am working on the Omni as well as having gathered all of the kits and parts for two Colts, a 70 Cuda, 68 Cuda, 72 Duster and a 71 Roadrunner. Here is a pic. of one of the Colts that I intend to do You said that you have plenty of research. If there is anything that you are missing then please check out the Sox & Martin album that I created in my Fotki albums. I have over 130 photos in there. The link is below. http://public.fotki.com/1320wayne/model_re...sox-and-martin/
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