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    I was wondering about the color. Thanks for telling what it is. It looks great. In one picture the color looks gold but in the engine close up you can see the green in it. Excellent build.
  2. Here are some pics. of the interior and grill work. The grill was done by cutting out the plastic and adding mesh material. The interior was painted with Valspar texture paint and added flocking.
  3. Very nice work so far. Waiting to see the finished piece.
  4. Very nice build. Excellent detail throughout.
  5. Yes. A couple of fellow club members brought it with them. I had planned to attend but a family emergency came up at the last minute. Thanks for the compliments guys.
  6. Well, here is my current project (one of about 20 ongoing at the same time). A 2006 Revell Dodge Magnum. I am lowering the suspension and adding Aoshimas wheels. This is actually the second paint job. The first one was going good until the clear coat process cracked severely enough to warrant a trip to the strip tank. It will have a texture paint light tan inetrior but other tha thos changes it will be primarily a box stock buildup. Here was the first paint job that went South real quick. And then the new paint job. Pretty much a complete 180 from the first design.
  7. Here is my latest finished creation. It is a full custom from a 57 Cameo pickup. It features plenty of ktibashed bodywork including the front headlight areas from the Vetteagin kit. The front grill is an upside down 51 Chevy. The rear fenders are also from the 51 Chevy. The taillights are from an early 60's Vette. The remainder of the body has been extensively modified with styrene and filler. The hood has been pancaked and then extended and peaked downward towards the grill. I pondered long and hard about possibly chopping the top and even polled some fellow club members but when it came right down to it I left it alone and I'm happy that I didn't chop it. The engine is out of a 96 Vette kit. The chassis has been kitbashed from the Cameo kit as well the front section from the Vetteagin kit. The exhaust is scratchbuilt out of aluminum tubing with metal exhaust tips running out the back. The interior is also kitbashed out of the Vetteagin kit. Paint is HOK Candy Apple red with added flames garphics from a Slixx decal sheet. The wheels are from Pegasus.
  8. Zoli, that looks awesome. The detail and overall look is perfect.
  9. As usual Brian, two more awesome paint jobs. Blows me away.
  10. That is some awesome bodywork. You are doing an excellent job blending everything perfectly. I can't wait to see this one when it's done.
  11. Excellent work on both. That looks like it took a lot to get them to the point you did. The Caddy looks great in almost stock trim.
  12. That is very nice. I love the two tone paint. Very clean.
  13. Very cool. Excellent work. I am actually working on the same type of project using the same kit as a base. I am converting mine into the Winston Angelle Sampey bike from 2000.
  14. Looks good Doug. It's got a good profile.
  15. Very clean. Nice photography as well. Shows off the details really well.
  16. Jason, very nice build. That is a super paint job.
  17. This is one beautiful model. I love everything about it. The stance is perfect and the overall detail is superb.
  18. That is one top notch model. Excellent detail and an unbeliveable finish.
  19. Most excellent builds, Steve. I especially like the Phoenix.
  20. Awesome build. That looks great with modern wheels.
  21. Love the classic Mopar builds. Superb buildups. The finishes are excellent.
  22. A very ambitious project. Excellent build.
  23. Those are awesome decals. This model really pops.
  24. That looks great. Brings back memories of my real life 63 CJ3 that I once hunted out of. Only problem is that yours is much nicer than mine was.
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