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  1. No Trailer, I dont have the funds for a trailer, And as for what I stripped the chrome with, A Cheap one dollar bottle of sprayable bleach cleaner from Family dollar
  2. Hmm i just realized i posted this in the Model Cars section oops. Didn't even see the Pickups On the bench section. I had a long day yesterday lol. Hope its ok. If not it can be moved. thanks folks, Ill be posting up more of my stuff here and there. I have to get more of my pics uploaded to my fotki acct first. Im done with Photobucket for good. Too laggy and full of ads for me. Anyways as for the runners between the planks. Prob silver or aluminum paint. I don't have any BMF and personally I don't think it would look right. More to come and thanks for looking.
  3. Hey folks this is my Revell Pete 359 I finished awhile ago. Just getting back onto this forum again. So i might as well show you all. It's been stretched and everything has been de-chromed. I wanted something different from the bling bling. Hope you like it and thanks for looking
  4. Hey folks I don't usually post alot but I wanted to share with you my current project. It's Monogram's 1955 F-100. I am building it as a primered street truck thats not quite finished. Anyways hope you enjoy
  5. You can get alot of mods for this game which will open up a whole new world for you
  6. Hey folks just getting back on the forums after a few yrs away. Anyways this is my current project, The Foose 1965 Impala. I can already tell its not correct at all from pics of the actual car, But it will still be a fun build for me. I just started it tonight.
  7. Hello all, Im just getting back on the forums again after some years away. I wanted to share with you my completed Revell Peterbilt 359 i finished yesterday after about four months on and off. I stripped all the chrome, went for something different. I also stretched it, Couldn't tell you how much, I didn't bother measuring it lol. I did it by eye. Anyways hope you all enjoy, I also have a KW W900 ill post up soon as well
  8. hey folks, Its nice to be back on here again. I seriously have to do alot of catch up. Its been along time. Hope to learn a lot since im basically returning back to the hobby again. Slowly but surely. Anyways hope to see ya around. Ben from Boston Ma
  9. Feeling kinda cuckoo 

  10. Anyone have an idea on how to get this cab and sleeper to line up so it can be glued together? Why its not a one-piece ill never know lol.
  11. I needed a companion to my 359 Pete. So i had this one i got for xmas. Does anyone have any tips,advice for this kit. I noticed it has no paint call outs so i need to locate that stuff online. But other than that This is my new project.
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