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  1. Revell's Peterbilt and Kenworth kits are real good starter kits. They were originally snap together kits, but with a little drilling of the holes, you can just use normal glue. I have built the Peterbilt 359 and I'm working on my second KW W900. With a little test fitting and drilling out the previously mentioned holes, they go together really well. RYAN.
  2. So, Dave. Are there any plans for any more trailers? Maybe dry bulk, tankers, flatbeds? Lowboys? RYAN.
  3. I've thought about building a diorama for the company I work for. The only thing is that we have over 20 loading doors. That can get very expensive as when in the mornings, every single door is used. Also, finding the different makes of trucks would be kinda difficult to find. Plus, our building is huge, so it would be almost 5-6 feet long and about 6 feet in width in 1/64. RYAN.
  4. One. sad, I know. But I do have around 65-70 kits that have been started at some point, though. RYAN.
  5. Did you use straight up acetone? If you did, it will melt the plastic. Try using mineral spirits or regular paint thinner. RYAN.
  6. I did it! Thanks for your help. I'm liking this forum more and more! RYAN.
  7. But where do I upload it in my profile? I figured it out for my signiture, but not my avatar. Thanks for any info. RYAN.
  8. I'm trying to upload a pic for my avatar. How can I do that in my profile? Thanks for any advice. RYAN.
  9. I own a 1996 Chevy 1500 day cab with the short wheel base. I think AMT did a 95 duelly crew cab. But, I'm not up to convertig one to my version of my truck. RYAN.
  10. How can I get oily residue off of rubber tires? I'm building a Chevelle and the only thing stopping me from finishing is this problem. Can I just use dish washing detergent and scrub it? Thank for any advice. RYAN.
  11. It's out of scale by 14mm. Also, the fur looks a little too rough.
  12. I think the hardest part would be the upward opening doors. Everything else looks kinda eay to scratchbuild.
  13. I thought you all might like this. Fancy having a go at scratchbuilding all of the mods? RYAN.
  14. I'd like to see some more Internationals. 9200I, 9400I, ect. Also, some modern Freightliners like the Classic XL, Columbia, and cascadia. maybe Mobius will answer our wishes of modern trucks. RYAN.
  15. I think so too. They are pretty much the only ones listening to us when it comes to subject matter on trucks. RYAN.
  16. I also have a Revell Mustang Boss 429 that I recently finished, but my camera is broken, so no pics of that one. RYAN.
  17. Here are some more of the Camaro. Please don't laugh . To be honest, there are a lot of things wrong with this model. The spoiler is backwards, it's missing a manifold do to it being a really poor fit. The tires are too far up into the fender well and rub the inside. Well, enough talking. RYAN.
  18. I was so anxious to get it finished, I didn't care if it was backwards or not. This model really tried my nerves. RYAN.
  19. Last, here is my Revell 1/25 69 Dodge Superbee built for a friend ( he chose the paint job). Thanks for looking. RYAN.
  20. Next up is my Revell 1/25 69 Camaro. This one proved to be a pain in the butt, but I managed to finish it without throwing it into a wall.
  21. Here are my completed models. I'm nowhere near as good as you folks here, so be gentle. First up is my Revell 1/25 Peterbilt 359.
  22. 96 Chevy silverado 1500. 305 engine, all stock. RYAN.
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