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  1. great job you gotta love a Herbie!! what i wanna know is HOW THE HECK DID THEY ACCIDENTALLY SHIP MODEL CARS TO A CLOTHING STORE. WEIRD!!
  3. all very cool looking models. great work.
  4. WOW! how time flies. i didn't realize how long it's been since posting anything. i have been so busy lately doing models for customers from the car shows working my regular job and trying to fit 100lbs of potatoes in a 50lb bag in my shed that all of my time has been taken up by that. when i am done i am just to bushed to play on the computer for more than a few minutes at a time. the holiday gave me a little break so here i am. here is one of the projects i did for a guy few months ago. he had given me the model that he had cut the grill and a few other parts making it a little harder to do. but here it is. 1971 cuda in 1/18 he wanted it plum purple with a white interior it was lime green with a black interior when i got it. hope some like it. i will post a couple more in other posts
  5. that's great stuff. really nice job and a great save.
  6. can't help you with the manufacturer. but great job on the casting.
  7. thanks guys!! the book it is basically a table top picture book of some of the models i have done over the years. its nowhere near as nice as Michael Paul Smith's book but for those who like junkyard and barn find vehicles i think you may like it. if anything it will look good sitting in the basket by the toilet. if this book works out OK i have another one planed but that's a long ways off.
  8. hey guys! just letting you know that my book on junkyard models is done. you can find it on amazon.com and Barnes and nobles. just type in the title ( junkyard models. ) http://www.barnesandnoble.com/w/junk...9781681395838# http://www.amazon.com/Junkyard-Model...unkyard+models
  9. well i have done what i could on the camper. it will be the new office in the yard. this was a Franklin mint 1/24th scale distressed camper and missing some parts. the awning was totally busted i had to remake a lot of the parts on it. it works good now. although it works i am leaving it wired in the up position. at the shows it may get damaged again. the whole hitch and winch was missing so i remade one one of the propane tanks was missing the top part so i had to make that. i didn't like the blue overhead cabinets so i redid them with wood. it was missing some lenses so i put my own on. it was factory painted a silver gray color i covered the whole camper with aluminum and tried to make it look old and loaded with junkyard parts. the man was one of those cheapo figures that i re positioned painted and gave him a beer and cigarette. hope you like it. [/URL
  10. great work. i love the fence i will be stealing that in the future.
  11. i bought the engine on ebay about 6 months ago. it was a none running unit and missing some parts. yea he does lol
  12. added some more to the train car crash. i added the gravel that was piled up as the car slid. i added some more track debris and a swamp on one corner. i made a couple of pigeons for the wires. added some figures an ambulance and a coroners vehicle. the fire truck in these pictures is not the one i will be using this is a distressed one that one day will be in the junkyard. i put it there to show where the right one will go front view swamp view from back by swamp where fire truck will be view from front left corner taking down witness statements. pigeons on wires girl driver battered but survied the crash drivers boyfriend not as fortunate.
  13. really nice work on both of your parts. the actual dust looks great as does the whole diorama. super job. i love it
  14. if that's your first diorama don't ever stop. you have a great eye for detail and realism very cool
  15. thats great you can watch tv and admire your dioramas at the same time. VERY COOL
  16. great so far. i know what work it is doing those bricks.lol and the ground work is really neat. just great
  17. great diorama everything looks so good but i gotta say the 1;1 cars are to much. good luck with the ones you still have. just great
  18. that's just a great looking diorama. kinda looks like my yard before my wife made me clean it up. great work.
  19. i did condense it some but at the same time i looked at some train crossing pictures before building the dio. here is a picture that i used as a reference.
  20. far from done here is where i am now. everything here may not be used in the finished diorama. i added trees some track debris some cop figures witnesses high tension wires and poles. i still have to ad the ambulance coroners vehicle and victims along with some other figures and track debris. hope some like how it is coming along.
  21. looks really great. a catchall car would fit right in on this. just a car that is full of junk of all kinds in and around it. GREAT WORK. if it's junk you know i love it.
  22. if i remember it was listed as an Aristo g-scale fa-1 if that sounds right.
  23. im still not on the computer much these days but i thought i would let you in a diorama project that is in the works. when finished it will be an early 1960s train vs drunk driver accident. the pictures are just the beginning stages. when done there will be people trees train signals more vehicles track debris liquor and beer bottles and the aftermath of the crash. i used poultry grit for the ballast works pretty good. i will keep you updated on the progress as i can.
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