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  1. Great time to come back here to see what's going on. You nailed the vision perfectly!
  2. Busy week! Trying to build a 40 gal reef tank and this. Another shot as I settle on colors and get started with the carbon fiber areas.
  3. Thanks, it's so forgiving and fast to work in brass. Found a transfer box and quickly painted it. It's buried beneath many layers so I will not drill it out and powder-coat it, etc. The shaft passes through a couple of slot car bushings on it's way to the front axle. Motor mounts were lightly glued to the motor to ensure final placement, then cut down to width. At some point I'll glue them to the frame and then break the bond on the motor. Playing with different frame colors right now. Layer two of detail for some of the tanks.
  4. Another top view: The front and rear carbon fiber covers (hiding some of that pesky suspension detail) looks like it's not coming off easily. So a couple of panels will allow techs to access the area. At some point you have to back up and commit to a design. A couple of tabs were glued in place and drilled to allow exact chassis placement. now everything can be cut to it's final length. Still not sure about the exhaust fan color. But at least it's dry, ready for it's final coat of whatever color, then detailing so it's not so one-piece looking. The front frame section has a set of steps added. It was difficult because everything is tapering in both width, height and length. The holes have been added and then the whole thing painted.
  5. Thank you..I have not seen this. I do have a few books and one vid. There was a Time-Life series that showcased the speed record. Watching the first Bluebird running down the Daytona beach is amazing. Thousands of dress-upped people along the track. I'll go looking for this vid.
  6. Well I went a completely different path. Trying to do too much. I ditched the vertical fin. It will be part of the body. I tried again and again to make a rear a-arm like frame to hold the tubes. Then instead, I made the brackets and a cross bar style frame and it just looked cleaner and now I will refine it.
  7. YES !!! Always a treat doing business with you Jim. These wheels will be the first thing people will see. You've captured the look perfectly!! EYE-CANDY for all
  8. Thanks Fred, Bill and Joe. Joe I spent an hour or so going over your promod thread. Your transmission came out really well. I am wondering if some of the Shapeways stuff will leach out chemicals over time and affect the paint,decals or anything else. Not saying it will..just wondering? I soaked some turbos many months ago..about when you got yours and when I opened the storage box last week, they had that shapeway's smell.
  9. I waste alot of time putting stuff together after every step. But that keeps me inspired. Every decal is studied for placement in my head. Their size will dictate where one color stops and another stripes begins. I'm also spending time doing more pre-finishing and primer painting so it has time to dry and shrink. All of this is in my living room. I'm single! Starting to look like a beast of a car. I think the diesel world record is about 400mph. I'm really liking this so far! It capures the old school heavy design with today's technology.
  10. I need big chutes on this car. I figured the scale and design would be much like a jet dragster. Plus the exhaust on the Bluebird CN7 were from a turbine. Instead of filling in these ducts at the rear, I will make them the chute areas. The rear carbon fiber cover just happen to be a bit larger than the stock truck cooling fan. I made things way easier by installing the rad inside the bodywork and placing the fan on top. This is for cooling between runs more than during. That's why I have a large water tank. I want the rear verticle fin to be mounted here as well. Again I have stared at this area for days! I cut two long pieces of brass tubing for the chutes. They were laid inside the upper body for fit, then temp solder together to hold their postition. Then they were temp mounted ..and adjusted to line up with the bodywork in place. Now that the angle is set, I can design the areas around them. I think holes in the side panels up front will help carry the frame's theme of twin rails with fill in panels. Where I used to work, we would take Kevlar honeycomb panels and epoxie them in between the rails. Then the whole thing was painted. I narrowed/shortened the 1/20th F1 tub until it snuggeled down between front cage. One side will carry a Oxygen bottle, the other side will have the steering rod in the spaces between the tub and frame.
  11. Everything is still stuck together with tape and micro dots of glue in order to set lengths and other spacing. Plus sometimes you just get lucky. I can't believe the exhaust just happen to lay along side the intercooler. I took this shot thinking I might be able to print this shot on decal paper instead of using the engine decal from the Mercedes CLK kit. But.. that's along ways away right now.
  12. All it took was another F1 model and I went back to my other sites that also inspire me. (I also like figures and ships) A couple weeks ago I came back and started going through the various threads again. Your funny car continues to impress and sets the bar for others to learn. Plus so many other projects like the various Promods continue to show major progress. I almost fear mentioning everyone by name ..worried that I'd leave someone out. Overall there are so many builders here actually building, I felt this would be the better site where more would enjoy the subject. Even if it's not really a 1/4 mile car. Thanks to all for the comments, and I'm loving the various projects here.
  13. On the other side, there is a large water tank for the engine. I made it from brass and soldered a step along it's length to allow access to the top of the engine. The radiator will be in the back. Not sure what else will go where. I'm trying not to cover the holes on the frame so they stand out more. The side brass parts are folded up strips used for landing planes in the sand.
  14. Starting to commit to a design. Fuel tank will be front blue body color. I found the brass part looking through railroad parts maybe 15 years ago? It's time I use it. It will be a fuel pump/filter. I made an intercooler from a Porsche 935 part, mixed with brass and plastic. The original oil pan was turned upside down to make a very large wide-opening "igloo-like" cooler for ice/water fills between runs. It will have a pump and hoses going to the intercooler. The turbos are from a 1/12th renault engine.
  15. Bill, Wayne, David, Joe and Scott and of course JIm. Thanks!......This is not amazing progress. This has taken months already. I spent many,many days just staring at trucks, trailers and LSR cars online and WIP threads to see the model parts. Then I had to purchase them. Plus this is not where I originally planned to go. I wanted a Scania semi truck model with flashing lights. Plus I want to make my own euro race truck. But I ran into a cool crane kit and "The Worlds Fastest Indian" movie decided to make this first. The plan was to have the crane lifting the body off the car while it was on the trailer. That way I could put the entire model inside a 3'x8" case. Cases are not cheap. Keeping it narrow helps alot! Then the search for parts start. I bought two CLK's for decals, two Mercedes Actros trucks for parts. I have scanned online shops worldwide looking for 1/12th-1/8th decals that match 1/24th decals in order to have large versions for the side of the truck. Friday I received a $150 worth (16 cylinders!) of anodized fittings from RB. Plus you just know I am putting cool wheels on this thing. I'm also about a month ahead of what I've posted. All of this is going on as they release new models! So ya never know what will happen next. My God...I stumbled upon a funny car thread one day and ended up making a brass promod frame.. That was expensive! I wait till I'm halfway done to keep postings updated more quickly and to help me stay motivated. Hope to finish the LSR alone by Christmas.
  16. I used Beadalon #4 crimp tubing from the craft store's bead aisle. and white-glued them to the exhaust ports. Then JB weld was used to glue a piece of tubing to them. This will allow me to break off the exhaust manifolds without hurting the cly heads. I don't really love them, but I am going to wrap them with a heat wrap or use a shield to keep the manifold heat away from everything else. More importantly...it will hide them so I do not have to spend as much time with manifold flanges,bolts,etc.
  17. So I settled on this for a rough design. The width of the frame is being kept as wide as possible. I have to offset and narrow axles and the front needs to steer. Plus I need to run a drive shaft to the front wheels and make/find a transfer case. After a few days of racking my brain, I decided to cover these areas with carbon fiber panels. It will greatly simplify the areas between the wheels. Next, make crossmembers to lock in the width. Then I can cut the frame to length.
  18. I think these frame rails look like the part. This probably a 3 ton car. The euro truck racers are just over 3 ton minimum. I know this all looks sloppy right now, but this is just a step above concept still. Keep parts long..they can be trimmed later. This is the fun part for me. What will I use for a frame, engine mounts, AWD shaft, axles,decal placement, proper wheels, fuel pumps, dry sumps everything has to look trick and look feasible. Countless hours spent rummaging through boxes of parts. Can I use the CLK rear suspension to hold turbos? House is totally trashed!!
  19. I cut up and glued together two engine blocks and the 4 heads were turned in to two 8 cly heads. I white glued them in place using the intake manifold to set the spacing. I went with the mercedes engine because the intake looked so modern. I trimmed the ends off and JB quick welded them together. Once it set I came in with some Apoxie sculpt and filled the junction then sanded flat. Having all that free tristar and MB detail sunk into the manifold was something I was careful to protect.
  20. This is the CLK-GTR , from the 97-98 season. Always loved the parts box peeled-back paint scheme exposing the engine compartment. Two sets of decals will allow me to cut sections for use on the car.
  21. I think I'll shorten the trailer's forward platform by half, and build a huge lightweight cab/box combo. It will be a timing stand, and shelter for the crew while out on the salt. The trailer and box were combined years ago as a hauler for some Euro race trucks. But I want to use the crane to lift the body and perform engine changes at the track. So now I will have the Semi truck pull the trailer. .
  22. Built a brass frame to hold a cockpit of some type. I think I'll settle for a 1/20th Brahbam cut down and shortened.
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