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  1. I didn't see anything for my Lincoln Wagon on Uschi.
  2. This Kit looks (Almost) identical to the 1/16 Aurora, Hank's Speed Shop of the 70's. I still have mine and no you can't have it.
  3. Are they out of their bloody minds? Have the Fumes turned their Brains into goo? It isn't made of Gold... Is it? There's got to be something a little cheaper. $79.50 on eBay. What's the Mix Ratio? I don't build for a living, I build to live. I'm not entering Contests. The last time I built for a Contest was in my 6th Grade Science Class. Not that it matters, but I did win 1st and 2nd place. I just want to fill Sink Marks and the occasional Fuel Fill Door Lines without the filler Shrinking after Three, Four, or more weeks later. Especially after the Spray Can Automotive Paint or the Hobby Lacquers and Clear Coats have been laid and Cured. There has been only one filler to date that doesn't do that. Wall Spackle. I stopped using it because Squadron Putty was supposed to be better. I stopped using thin Cardboard as a backing to hold the broken pieces of a body together, because Styrene Sheets get soft and hold better. (A very long story involving an ill tempered Family member and an original issue '57 Chevy "Pepper Shaker). I'm trying a little experiment using Dupli-Color Filler Primmer EFP101 on my 2nd Body for my ESCI 1/24 Scale Lt1 powered MB 190 E. (My Squadron Putty seems to have gotten too dry in the Tube). The deep Sink marks on the rear area of the Boot, the Rear Quarters, and the Fuel Filler Door Lines. I'll see how it goes 3 weeks from now. I think its a waste of primer. Do the Micro Balloons have an Expiration Date?
  4. I can't believe I still have to ask this question; What's the Mixture and with what? Plastruct Plastic Weld, 5, 10 or more Minute Epoxy, Super Glue, Scotch, Cake Frosting, Gravy, Elmer's White Glue, Gorilla Glue, Clear Fingernail Polish?
  5. I was going to ask here, but I (STILL) find i very difficult to find my way into this Site. To be honest, I have no idea how I got here now. Will I be able to find my way back? Unknown. I was looking for a Nissan/Datsun or Gloria/Cedric Model Club. I figured, someone more familiar with the Nissan 430 Gloria 200 Standard would have some Images of the Right Hand Drive Firewall as my Aoshima Kit didn't come with one.
  6. Thank for your help. For some years, "Their" people knew and couldn't stop talking about Micro Balloons when one of their Contributors built a Model using it as a BETTER Filler. But when asked, I'd get the "Party Line". (It's for Wood) Makes one wonder WHY. I thought being a Member/Subscriber, "They" would share information. People share Ideas, Tips, and Products openly to them, but it takes a Decade for "Them" to share. A couple of months ago, "They" FINALLY announced, They Will Be Doing a "HOW TO" on Micro Balloons. Personally, I'm Insulted. Quite frankly, they can write a book on it. I'll never buy a Tube, Jar or, Box of it. I think it's far too late. I've done some experimenting with Softening Polystyrene and using it to fill Pinholes in Models. The AMT 1964 Mercury Marauder's Right Front Fender was my Test Mule. As it turns out, it was fine for the deepest part, but Squadron Putty and Dupli-Color was needed to finished the rest. What a pain it was to soften it with Testors Liquid Cement. Here's one for everyone to try. Polystyrene Rod (about) 1/16". I used it as a Welding Rod by putting a short piece in my Variable Speed Drermel, finding the (Closest to) right speed, and Welding two pieces at 90 Degrees together. It's fun to watch pretty strong too. Give it a go. If my Dremel spun more slowly, it might've looked better. I thought about using a Pedal or a Dimmer Switch to slow it down, but having been electrocuted once, I just don't like messing around with Electricity.
  7. Thanks to A. Anderson, Ace-Garageguy, and modelcarmag.com for the help. I don't understand why no one from another Publication would answer my question. I gave up trying to use the Jar of Boom-Boom I have. It's another lesson learned the hard way. Thanks again. Here's what I bought soooooo many years ago from a local Hobby Store; Northeast Hobby Products, Stock # NHP 201, 10 FL. OZ. Original White Micro-Fill, Ready to Use, Super light, Model Filler. This JUNK never did work. It didn't Stick to anything. Not even to Wood. When I started building Model Cars, there was no Filler. I used Household Spackle. It came in a Box and I had to add water. It was a pain to get the mix right, but I figured it out. Then the Testors filler hit the Market. It worked alright. Next was Squadron Green Putty. It was better, but Green, It's Cure time was measured in days. That is, depending on how deep the the Damage was. If you didn't wait, it shrunk too much. I even tried the Automotive Red Body Filler Glazing Putty. It worked like the Squadron, and it Kept longer. The Squadron White is fine. It works like the Green. I was hopeful about the Micro-Fill, but after 11+ years of no REAL answers from anyone in the Hobby or the Company, I keep this useless Jar of hardened Garbage as a reminder. Don't Hold Your Breath When Asking For Help. No matter how well the product works on Plastic Models or how many other (So-Called Professionals in the Hobby) praise it. The ONLY answers I ever got were "This Product is for Wood ONLY". It didn't work on Wood either. It was like talking to my ex-wife. I'll stick with the White Squadron Putty, Dupli-Color Primers and Paint. I'll still use automotivetouchup.com for projects that need a Factory Color. My Conspiracy Theory Chevy Caprice, the pain in the ascot PIRANHA Super Spy Car, 1966 Chevy C-10 my Pop's used for TV Repair, and too many others to list.
  8. I keep wondering why the left front wheel(s) and tire(s) on some of these Lindberg Crown Vic's stick out so far. I have an ebay junker and it doesn't have that problem. Yes, the front and rear axles need to be move forward a little, the Paint looks like it sprayed on in the dark, has mismatched side Mirrors and ACTUAL Duct Tape covering the Light bar holes in the roof. (The Duct Tape was my doing) It looks like a well used and decommissioned Emergency Vehicle. Except, it has all of the Full Wheel Covers and there's nothing that says "Interceptor" anywhere. I'll have to Print up some Decals. Another nice set of Wheels and Tires come in the Revell Chevy Impala (Snap Tite) kit. They look similar to the ones most State and Local Police HAD on the Crown Vic's until the new Units. I haven't had a chance to ogle one of them yet. I just bought the Revell version and really like the Oversized(?) wheels and tires. It's a more aggressive look and will look good as another Cop Car put out to... pasture. I'll have to see how they look on the Lindberg. I'll be looking for some Spotlights for both and Mirrors for the Revell soon enough. That'll be fun.
  9. Who's hinee do I have spank to get some of these?
  10. I read articles about using Micro Balloons as a Filler. They NEVER said "How To". Most were Contest winners and such. I had to give this stuff a go. I (Foolishly) bought a Jar(?). There were no real instructions on it. Mixing a small quantity with water didn't help. I emailed the Magazine that Showcased said Models and asked how to use Micro Balloons. I should have known better. The only reply from said Magazine was; Micro Balloons are a filler for wood. It didn't matter how many articles in their Publication I referred to. There was nothing online and trying to reach the Manufacturer, lead to even more frustration. I still have the very same 10 Fl. Oz Jar I bought 10 + years ago and I never used it or tried to again. I keep it as a $4.99, reminder. I've been staying off this Site, because it's been ridiculous trying to sign in. It usually takes an hour or more. Today was the FIRST time it didn't. "Never argue with an idiot. They will only bring you down to their level and beat you with experience". -George Carlin
  11. How many people remember the Renault TV Ads? It a very cool kit that I keep lusting over. It's too bad it's 1/20 Scale. One consolation is, about 25 years ago, I bought and built a UNION, 1964 Renault 8 Gordini Rallye 1/24 Scale. I'll admit I wasn't happy with the Vinyl Interior parts and the Tires. The tires were the worst parts of the kit. I think I actually threw them in the Trash. I found some old but similar items in one of my Spares Bins and they fit perfectly. Why is it that a lot of the really cool models like this Renault, the Wallace and Gromit, Austin A30 Van, Motorcycle, Plane, the Shaun the Sheep 1958 Land-Rover 88'' Series II, the Ford 3000(?) Tractor and some others related items are always in an odd Scale Sizes? So many cool looking cars from around the world, it's too bad they're molded in 1/32 or other Scales.
  12. Wow, very cool. At first sight, I thought yours was the love child of Studebaker and Chrysler. If memory serves, wasn't SIMCA a Chrysler Group/Chrysler Europe subsidiary and brand for a while? I did something similar with a Revell 1:25 1977 Chevy Monte Carlo Snap Together Kit: 85-1933 and a Monogram 1/24 1966 Malibu SS Kit: 2219. Getting the Chassis Length, opening the Hood and, cutting the hole for the Hood Scoop were the hardest part. As soon as I remember which box it's packed in, I post some Pictures.
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