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  1. badcaditude added a post in a topic Micro Balloons questions.   

    I read articles about using Micro Balloons as a Filler. They NEVER said "How To". Most were Contest winners and such. I had to give this stuff a go. I (Foolishly) bought a Jar(?). There were no real instructions on it. Mixing a small quantity with water didn't help. I emailed the Magazine that Showcased said Models and asked how to use Micro Balloons. I should have known better. The only reply from said Magazine was; Micro Balloons are a filler for wood. It didn't matter how many articles in their Publication I referred to. There was nothing online and trying to reach the Manufacturer, lead to even more frustration.                                               
    I still have the very same 10 Fl. Oz Jar I bought 10 + years ago and I never used it or tried to again. I keep it as a $4.99, reminder.
      I've been staying off this Site, because it's been ridiculous trying to sign in. It usually takes an hour or more. Today was the FIRST time it didn't.
    "Never argue with an idiot. They will only bring you down to their level and beat you with experience". -George Carlin
  2. badcaditude added a post in a topic Renault 16...   

    Very cool.
  3. badcaditude added a post in a topic Renault 16...   

    Way too cool.
  4. badcaditude added a post in a topic Renault 16...   

    How many people remember the Renault TV Ads? It a very cool kit that I keep lusting over. It's too bad it's 1/20 Scale. One consolation is, about 25 years ago, I bought and built a UNION, 1964 Renault 8 Gordini Rallye 1/24 Scale. I'll admit I wasn't happy with the Vinyl Interior parts and the Tires. The tires were the worst parts of the kit. I think I actually threw them in the Trash. I found some old but similar items in one of my Spares Bins and they fit perfectly.
    Why is it that a lot of the really cool models like this Renault, the Wallace and Gromit, Austin A30 Van, Motorcycle, Plane, the Shaun the Sheep 1958 Land-Rover 88'' Series II, the Ford 3000(?) Tractor and some others related items are always in an odd Scale Sizes?
    So many cool looking cars from around the world, it's too bad they're molded in 1/32 or other Scales.
  5. badcaditude added a post in a topic Gasser & AWB Community Build (Started.)   

    Wow, very cool. At first sight, I thought yours was the love child of Studebaker and Chrysler.
    If memory serves, wasn't SIMCA a Chrysler Group/Chrysler Europe subsidiary and brand for a while?
    I did something similar with a Revell 1:25 1977 Chevy Monte Carlo Snap Together Kit: 85-1933 and a Monogram 1/24 1966 Malibu SS Kit: 2219.
    Getting the Chassis Length, opening the Hood and, cutting the hole for the Hood Scoop were the hardest part. As soon as I remember which box it's packed in, I post some Pictures.
  6. badcaditude added a post in a topic 65 Lincoln and Resin 57 210 4 door   

    Just as I figured.
  7. badcaditude added a post in a topic Help! Scribing door lines in resin. Alclad chrome.   

    Well, I'm glad to (almost) see the help from the members on this site.

    That was Sarcasm.
  8. badcaditude added a post in a topic Sam Hollingsworth 1957 Nomad   

  9. badcaditude added a post in a topic Monogram Piper Tri Pacer   

    Depending on how bad the Decals are, you could Scan them with an all in one printer and print them on Decal Paper.
    I remember my elder Brother building one of these back in the early '60s. I hadn't seen one in years. Then I came across one of these back in '90. I built it using a DupliColor Buick White and VW Red. I didn't like it being Tail Heavy so, I took a Lead Wheel Balancing Weight and cut, filed and carved it to look like the Engine. I glued the Hood(?) in place and it looks fine. I had no problems with the Decals.
    I skipped the Hunters with the Dead Mountain Lion.
    If I can only remember which box I packed it in.
  10. badcaditude added a post in a topic 1970 Ford Galaxie *Photo links updated*   

    Nice work. Looks like you've got a handle on your Airbrush.
    I've Owned two Airbrushes. Bought them new. Followed the Directions to the Letter. They didn't work.
    I've Destroyed two Airbrushes. Bought them new. No Directions for their Destruction. I Improvised. There wasn't anything salvageable.
    Speed, Gravity and Crash Landing onto Cement from three Stories up will put an end to pretty much anything.
    I'll never buy another. One was a Badger, the other... I don't remember and at this point... it doesn't matter.
  11. badcaditude added a post in a topic 65 Lincoln and Resin 57 210 4 door   

    I built one as a Wagon. I didn't care for the Clear Rear Roof section. I fixed that and how about that Half Baked idea of a Luggage Rack.
    I still need help with the panel lines on the 57 210.
  12. badcaditude added a post in a topic 65 Lincoln and Resin 57 210 4 door   

    Missing Link has no Lincoln. I do have their 1971 Galaxie 500 4 Door. That'll be Gator McKlusky's 1971 FORD CUSTOM 500 from White Lightning. One of the movies that made 4 Door cars cool... to me anyway. (http://worldflix.blogspot.com/2012/08/white-lightning.html).
    My brother's 210 really tipped the scale. No Chrome Plated Mag-Wheels, no Wheel Covers, no Hood Scoop, no Custom Suspensions. Just and ordinary looking car. Something you wouldn't look twice at. Like the 350 HP 66 LTD 4 Door I used to drive 35 years ago.
    I could never get the Choke to work properly. I worked 2nd Shift so, on really cold nights I would have to Break-Race the engine while waiting for the Security Guard directing traffic to wave me through. I could see the fear on his face while my back tires were spinning, squealing and smoking. I still think it's funny.
    Funny thing I just remembered... the Company closed that Parking Lot that year.
    Thanks for your help so far, it's appreciated.

    I know this is a 2 Door and the front Bumper is black but, tell me she don't look SINISTER. All she needs is a set of Cherry Bomb Glasspacks.
    If you got it, flaunt it.
  13. badcaditude added a post in a topic 1962 Lincoln Continental   

    If you did cut the roof off, I'm interested in taking it (the roof) off your hands.
  14. badcaditude added a post in a topic 1962 Lincoln Continental   

  15. badcaditude added a topic in On The Workbench   

    65 Lincoln and Resin 57 210 4 door
    This Forum wasn't easy to find.

    Here's the Inspiration. (http://blog.hemmings.com/index.php/2013/10/20/hemmings-find-of-the-day-1967-lincoln-continental-2/) BLACK with BLACK 1967 Lincoln Continental 4 Door with the Vinyl removed from the Roof. A 1953 Nash (?) Flying Lady Hood Ornament was added.
    Hood Ornament? We don't need no Stinking Hood Ornament.
    If I could drive, I'd buy this 1967. The only thing I would change is... the Exhaust. For some reason... they're never loud enough. A set of Cherry Bomb Glasspacks would cure that.

    Here's the Victim. I'm not going to convert this into a 67. I just need a good Hardtop to fit this Body. I believe I have similar set of wheels or I can use Baby Moons or Dog Dish Wheel Covers.
    I've done one as a Wagon and another one (Pretty much) Factory Stock. It's time for something TWISTED.

    The next Contestant is a Resin Realm 1957 Chevy 210 4 door. Okay-Okay... I'll admit it, I like 4 door cars and Wagons.

    I haven't any pictures of the one my older brother built and drove waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay back in the early 70's. It was all Black with Black Interior. It had a built 327c.i.d. and I can't remember if it was a Manual 3 or 4 speed trans.. I helped him change it once. It was one of those cars that you heard loooooong before you caught sight of it.
    Here's my dilemma, I got sick and lost some vision. I can't Re-scribe the Panel lines in the Resin Body.
    If there's anyone in my area of the Frozen State of Connecticut that wants an Unbuilt AMT 57 Chevy Kit: 638 in exchange for Re-scribing the Resin Body's Panel Lines, let me know.

    (The Unbuilt AMT 57 Chevy Kit: 638)
    I bought this AMT Kit: 638 because I couldn't remember which kit I needed.

    (The AMT 1957 Chevy Bel Air Hardtop needed and bought)
    As it turned out I needed the older AMT 1957 Chevy Bel Air Hardtop. I'll always remember it as the"Pepper Shaker" issue. It seems funny to me because, it was the same Brother's favorite Model kit. How weird is that?
    Another weird thing about this kit is... the upper Grille part that's supposed open with the Hood... doesn't.
    I can still build... albeit slowly and carefully. If I couldn't... my Doctor wouldn't be happy with my Demeanor, his new nickname and choice of Colorful Metaphors hurled at him.
    I can live without driving but not cars.
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