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  1. Appreciate the words guys. Much respect...
  2. Thanks Glenn and Sam. To be honest Id probably use a different taillight and tube the front grill for a little continuity. Are Edsel grills odd as taillights?!? LOL Thanks for the props everyone, this site is very motivating! http://
  3. Like the artillery wheels, nice on a shoebox. Cool hot rod stance too.
  4. Thanks guys! Means alot. Lots of firsts with this kit. First time using the AB, first time with 2 part clear (waited too long to sand and was left with slight orange peel and micro trash..ughh), first full foil, first channel job, etc. Being my 5th serious build, it has its mistakes, and some things Id do different, but hey, thats what the next kit is for.
  5. Few more http:// http://i1265.photobucket.com/albums/jj509/AlbieDeFusco/DSC002021024x470.jpg]http:// Thanks for looking!
  6. One of my favorite times in kustom history is probably the Watson era, mid 60's coupes, a little shaving, healthy slam, and candy paint is a winning combo in my opinion. Heres my take on a 64 Impala. Shaved everything except the mohawk chrome strips on the hood and trunk, deleted wing windows, egg crate grill, rear roll pan with tube insert. Added some Bellflower tips and a simple panel paint job. http:// ">http:// ">http:// ">http:// ">http:// ">http:// ">http:// ">http://
  7. Looks like a bass boat. Diggin it man!
  8. The General shouda built this back in the day. No dis to the '59 (one of my faves) but it should have started in 55. Good job!
  9. Nice paint. Great choices of colors and layout. Are the stripes paint or decals? Looks killa either way..
  10. I love this style! Glad you finished it, came out sick!
  11. I opened this thread and was like, "Man what a wicked custom!!!" Every detail is perfect and all the mods incredibly cohesive. I agree, this is a cover car if there ever was one.
  12. Nice bomb! Great trailer. colors and stance.
  13. Funny, as I clicked on this Clutch's, "Spacegrass" came up on the Ipod rotation. Too bad it's not a 73.... Cool model, love purple Mopars!
  14. Wow, you really got my attention. Great mods that look totally natural and flow perfectly. Subscribed.
  15. Killa paint. Keep hittin those switches!
  16. Cool paint. Original and old school at the same time. Congrats!
  17. Must echo everyone elses comments. Great paint. Watson customs are one of my favorite eras in kustom history. How can you go wrong with a slam, dechroming, and some truly inspired gun work? You channeled his spirit with this one for sure!
  18. Ugghhh, I made the mistake of shooting Testor's Enamel when it was muggy, man what a mess! I have no luck with those cans..The body is in the purple drink as of right now. Im taking the plunge to airbrushing, got some paints on the way and my brother-in-laws Badger 175 on a long term loan. Will document my first brush job, should be interesting or entertaining at least..
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