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  1. Glad to see your still working on this masterpiece Jason!
  2. Great paint and stance!!
  3. Hot n heavy Chevy! Love the way it came out. I bought a few of those flame masks to use at a later date. After seeing this I can't wait to get going on one
  4. That's a mean mother thumper! Nice job
  5. Your builds keep getting better and better.The cleanest yet!!
  6. Great building style! Thanks for sharing and I hope to see more!!
  7. Really dig it. I like the spear side myself, but both versions are way cool.
  8. Albie D

    50 Olds

    Another great build, cool sled!
  9. Totally dig this, great job on a cool kit!
  10. Man, what a killer paint job!
  11. Amazing build! All those little details, executed flawlessly, make this racer stand out. I can almost smell the salt..
  12. 5 days?!? It takes me 5 days to open a box! lol That chop and drop makes the 57 look looong. Killer job on that snapper!
  13. Jeez James, killer work as always..
  14. Nice body work, foil and paint. It all adds up to a killer street rod. Great job!
  15. Super clean, long, low, smooth, kool!!
  16. Albie D

    55 Chevy

    Agreed, what a sled!!
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