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  1. Hmmmmm...seems like a very great deal of work. Im also thinking the corvette now. Im really looking into building this car. I love the way it looks it def is inspired by the supra....and quite frankly who dont like supras?! Lol.
  2. Opnions needed.. What would be a good base model to buil this? The Toyota FT-1. Im thinking a supra since thats what this car is pretty much. Any thought? http://blogs.motortrend.com/1403_toyota_out_with_fj_in_with_ft_1_the_lohdown.html/toyota-ft-1-rear-three-quarter/
  3. Its painted like the f-bomb camaro.
  4. Where did u buy this kit from ive been looking for one like.this for awhile.
  5. Sweet. Got any pics of how u built it? Ive been searching for an intake like that...but cant find one anywhere.
  6. Ive tried numerous times to contact the via shapeway, and facebook. And had no luck. They "seen" my message on facebook, but did not reply. Im not sure whats going on. I had questions about some of there parts and would really like an answer before I purchase from them. If anyone can get ahold of tim please let him know id REALLY love to speak to him. Thanks --Clay
  7. I would REALLLLLLLLY love a tutorial on the turbos you made. Im building the f-bomb camaro, and cant seem to get the turbos right. Private message me if you can help out any. Thanks -clay
  8. Can anyone direct me to where I can purchase this resin body (view link) it says I can purchase it from reliable resin...but I got ripped off out of almost 300$ from UNreliable resin..so please direct me to some were that's a little more reliable. Thanks. (below is the link to the body I'm looking for) http://www.rocketfin.com/resin_product.cfm?id=2618
  9. I need that motor!! Be will to make i ne for me? I pay GGRREEAATTTT!
  10. Anyone know if anywhere sells a 406 sbc motor? I can't find one anywhere. Or if it came with a kit? Any info would help greatly. Thanks!
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