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Found 61 results

  1. Did up a couple of paint samples for the car. I showed them to the missus, she picked the green. I was leaning toward the copper, but we all know who won. Next build, I'll pick the color.
  2. I have a model car with a body that is made of die cast. It is unpainted and I have one question. Do you paint die cast the same way as styrene and do you sand it and polish the finish the same way? Could you use spray cans and or an airbrush?
  3. Hey guys. I am looking to mix colors to brush my motor with. Maybe for even airbrushing as well. Anyways I tried mixing for a light blue like the color of this motor. When I would go to brush sometimes I would get white, sometimes light blue, just not a constant blue color. Is there a trick to this? I mixed white and blue with a toothpick. The color looked good on the tray, but again when I went to paint I got more white than anything. Need help please.
  4. What do you guys use most? Do you paint by hand a lot?
  5. Can someone please tell me the correct color of blue can be used for "Color Me Gone" Dodge? I don't airbrush, so it needs to be a rattle can. Thanks!
  6. Hey there all! I've been racking my brain and discouraging myself from finishing any of the three kits due to a lack of confidence with painting. I've already stripped my first project (AMT 1964 Impala SS) and started again. Since then, I've torn down 4 older builds and stripped those down with the hopes of saving those kits. I understand cleaning the body properly and sanding it. I understand the primer and wet sanding process. I also understand prepping the paint and the effects of weather. I don't understand the actual process of applying color coats, sanding them properly and clear coating. Can anyone break this down for me? Here are my first attempts! Is this a proper first coat? I'm using Duplicolor automotive enamel over Duplicolor primer/sealant. Thanks for any tips and criticism in advance! This is really bumming me out.
  7. I just tried to order some Gravity Colors Paint. The paint was about $7.50 for the 2oz bottle, but the shipping was more than $70.00? Am I doing something wrong?
  8. Got some paints this weekend, I should be all set for a loooong time.
  9. I have heard about a primer sealer brand name, "Plasticote T-235". Is this safe for styrene? And also I would like a white primer-sealer; this Plasticote is gray. Any advice?
  10. I have a chance to get some paint (a lot of it, probably enough for a lifetime) not sure how old it is, but it is all sealed and new stock,. Any thoughts
  11. These are a few old diecast trucks and cars from my junk box that needed paint jobs. I dig some of these out every now and then to test new paints or just practice on. Some I will keep in the collection, others I will sell at the antique mall for hobby money. They were all stripped and primed with self etching primer. This is a Midgetoy Ford wrecker about 3 in long. It's paint with Testors MM Guard red with a drop of hardener added. Midgetoy 58 Corvette about 2-1/4 in long. Painted with Testors Aztec acrylics. This is with out a doubt the best acrylic paint I have ever sprayed in an airbrush. Here we have both Corvettes, one Copper and the other Guard Red finished.
  12. Has anyone tried it and how did it turn out? Thinking about using it for a Kit.
  13. searched but did not find anything on this subject. I would like to know what all your secrets are for matching the interior color of a car to the exterior. do you use dulcoats, clearcoats and glossgoats? maybe rub the seats down with your finger or something else to get that "vinyl" look? I have read little blurbs in some posts, but can't find anything. thanks in advance, Tubbs
  14. Our WallyMart has all the kits and paint on mark down with the big red sale tags. Looks like they are cleaning them out again. O'Reilly Auto Parts has all the Dupli-Color engine paint in the 12oz cans marked down to $5.49. Maybe they are changing them over to the smaller 8oz? cans like their other paint. That engine paint goes on nice and is rated for 500 degrees, good for us Arizona builders
  15. Hi all! I have a question about new Tamiya's paint, its TS-94 Metallic Grey. What is the difference between TS-38 Gun Metal and TS-94, IRL? I saw preview pictures of this paint, but it's all preview, not the real hue or tone, you know. May be TS-94 darker? I would like to see some real photos of this paint on the bodies or other details or just tell me about it. Thanks.
  16. Hi all: I have painted only four bodies before, all from testor's One Coat metallics. I use Tamiya fine primer and have never had issues. I only use spray can paint as I don't have the budget for everything involved with air brush, hydrator, etc. There have been a few issues with dust which I've lightly wet sanded out based on instructions here. I'm not a perfectionist and don't enter shows. This is my hobby to ease pain from a disability. Only recently have I tried painting with Tamiya as the topcoat. I used almost the same technique as for primer: three mist coats checking for dust or imperfections and correcting them. The primered body gets wiped with a tack cloth or rubbing alcohol using dust free painting gloves. The color coats get three mist coats 15-20 mins. apart to allow for a tackiness to develop and then a final coats are applied. Those coats I fear the most as I have had runs and what you might call "fisheye bubbles" develop which require up to 3-4 days drying time so I can sand them out and re-shoot the area carefully. Smaller dust particles might get 3-4000 wet sanding to fix but if I've not used 2-3 heavy coats I'm afraid it might get to the primered area. I just used my first can of Tamiya lacquer to spray a funny car body and although it looks nice, I didn't go heavy on the one coat after misting for fear of messing it up. It's dried and has been for two days. I'm not going back to using Future, and I understand I now must wait up to 4 days before applying clear. I will be using Tamiya to be consistent with all paint products. If I had applied the clear within 20 minutes of the last coat, I believe I could have shot 2 coats right away. This is important as I have 6 finished builds waiting to paint, along with 2 in WIP! Is it possible to re-dust it now and try to add another coat of the same Tamiya base? If not, what purpose would adding a clear coat be? If someone here could examine my techniques and point out where I could improve, I would appreciate it. As you might tell, I love detailing drag race cars but HATE to paint!
  17. Here are some pics of the Chassis And the body, I Sprayed 3 coats of base on it today. I will let it dry overnight and tomorrow I will wet sand with 800 grit, then lay the decals down and then finally finish it off with 3 coats of PPG Clearcoat. The chassis is pretty well done other than a few small details, thanks for looking hope you enjoy
  18. Hey guys. I'm currently working on a Tamiya Porsche 959, which is one of my favorite cars. I've got the base coat down, which is white, and I plan on putting Martini Racing livery on it, specifically the Martini stripe along the car from the hood to the spoiler. It's three separate colors and the stripes are going to be pretty small, 1/16in at the smallest and 3/8in at the largest. How should I go about taping the car so that everything is straight, symmetrical, and there are no leaks? Thanks.
  19. Well,no more Alclad for me,it did not really impress me to begin with.
  20. Hi! I would like to start (or try) to make a car model. I was wondering if you guys could help me with some of my questions? - What kind of paint shall I use? and how many types do I need to get a good finish? - Where do I buy these kits from? (live in Norway) - And what kind of tools I need for the job. (glue, brushes etc) I was looking at this, is this good? : http://www.modelcars.com/testors-model-car-spray-paint-set.html And does the manual say what kind of colors go where? Thanks for responses.
  21. Hello. 1. What type of paint do you guys use for fuel fittings,the red/blue? Will tamiya clear blue/red do ,or will i need metallic paint? 2. What would be the correct size for fuel lines for the Tamiya small fittings? 3 What color out of the jar is the best match for Argent Silver (Mopar grills,shaker etc) Thanks in advance.
  22. Hi What type of paint/color do you people use for the frame on woodies? The frame on the body you insert the woodgrain decals to be specific. I would have to order it so if anyone can be specific about make,number etc i would appriciate it. Red arrows on the picture to illustrate what i`m searching lol
  23. James2

    59 BUICK

    Almost 6 months to the day but I think I can say this one is finished... Pretty happy with the she turned out too!
  24. I realized the other day,or actually right after i took up this hobby again that if i`m going to get the finish i want on parts and interior i need to get myself an airbrush. The rattle can works great,but in the long run it will become very expensive to buy a new box everytime i need a detail pantied. I`m new to airbrush,i have never used one so it`s nice if it is easy to use. I noticed this have sold close to 6000 examples,do you think it is any good? http://www.ebay.com/itm/370268372610?_trksid=p2055119.m1438.l2649&ssPageName=STRK%3AMEBIDX%3AIT
  25. Hey guys, I have just started building models, and I messed up the clear coat on the monogram f-250. I have been using conventional paint thinner (not latex brand) and paper towel, but I cant get all o the paint off. The surface is a cloudy mixture of bare styrene and leftover red, also the body lines are gunked up with paint. What do I use??
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