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Found 8 results

  1. I have been trying to finish a project that has taken seven months so far. However, this little garbage can keeps popping up. I'll wake up from sleeping and this thing will start building itself in my head, so I threw it together to shut everybody up. It seems most of my creations begin as these menacing visions... This was all I was able to capture before the winds of change drifted through and now I'm on to the next for now, but this isn't complete. It needs something, and for now that is some time to breathe. My future plans are to build a couple dios. Specifically a custom car garage and a Junkyard dio. I have quite a few parts and pieces from kits out of the 90's and Oughts... Enjoy, I'll be back to finish in the future. I am curious to know what other common household items you all are turning into 1/25 scale stuff, feel free to leave suggestions! I felt like I came to this idea organically, although I am sure this has been done before. joined_video_da1e4c5a18364f60a067c3e4673e119d.MP4 joined_video_d28a18c80e854869b344e51e64c56527.mov
  2. I missed doing dioramas and have limited space in my retirement home, but I started this one. I'll keep y'all posted as I add details:
  3. A friend asked me to build him a Dyno tester to display a funny car he is building. He wanted it to show it being tested as if he was working on the motor. I am not quite done as there is no sending units for which the computer can take readings from. They are outside drying and will be installed tomorrow. Then I will be able to connect the wire from the lap top. Any thoughts ? I also have to touch up the black and yellow caution paint as I had a little trouble with the tape lines. No biggie !
  4. Hi everyone again, This project was all done in the scale of 1:12. After buying the bike model I've decided to build the structure around it to match the bike. This diorama was my first attempt to make this kind of art. Also this was a gift I have made for a good friend of mine, who owns the actual 1:1 scale bike. http://payload.cargocollective.com/1/3/122674/1599743/20110619_014_900.jpg http://payload.cargocollective.com/1/3/122674/1599743/IMG_2827_900.JPG http://payload.cargocollective.com/1/3/122674/1599743/IMG_2828_900.JPG http://payload.cargocollective.com/1/3/122674/1599743/IMG_2839_900.JPG http://payload.cargocollective.com/1/3/122674/1599743/IMG_2865_900.JPG http://payload.cargocollective.com/1/3/122674/1599743/IMG_2885_900.JPG http://payload.cargocollective.com/1/3/122674/1599743/IMG_2886_900.JPG http://payload.cargocollective.com/1/3/122674/1599743/IMG_2887_900.JPG http://payload.cargocollective.com/1/3/122674/1599743/IMG_2889_900.JPG http://payload.cargocollective.com/1/3/122674/1599743/IMG_2895_900.JPG http://payload.cargocollective.com/1/3/122674/1599743/IMG_2882_900.JPG http://payload.cargocollective.com/1/3/122674/1599743/IMG_2845_900.JPG http://payload.cargocollective.com/1/3/122674/1599743/IMG_2829_900.JPG
  5. This is a new diorama that I built for photographing models. The first diorama that I built was nothing more than foam core with brown paper glued to it and lines applied to look like brick. After that wore out I built one mae from 3/4 inch wood with brick Plastruct for the walls and tile for the floors. It contained large amounts of boring and was about as convincing as me entering a beauty pageant. I've spent years with people telling me to clean, clean, clean. While I was building this all I heard was dirty, dirty, dirty. If it gets any worse it will get condemned. I have a shelf for it in my model room that sets it at eye height when sitting. This is perfect for placing the camera on the tripod to take photos.
  6. Welcome to Flannery's, we may not fix your problem, but sure can make sure no one else can. This is a Tamiya CB750F in 1/12 scale, very fun build, some race parts were included, not quite up to the factory race bike Wayne Gardner standard. Enjoy
  7. This Jaguar is from Revell of Germany, great model, There are bits and bobs from everywhere.
  8. Started on my garage the other night. Trying to get it as close as I can to my really garage. I'll continue posting updates as I work on it. Garage is a metal sided pole barn, with a metal roof, and insulted plywood walls on the inside. Has a 12' x 12' main door, a 10' x 10' side door and a metal walk-in door. Any advise or help is more then welcomed.
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