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Found 11 results

  1. Finished up today. Built this like I thought an entrant for The Race of Gentlemen would look. Used the excellent ICM kit and left off everything that didn't make it go faster. I painted the white tires but it really doesn't want to stick to the vinyl, I figure a race car would not have original tires. Comments welcome and thanks for looking.
  2. ICM [Mercedes ? don't tip off Daimler Benz lawyers] G4 (1939 production) 1/24 scale is a nice looking kit. I have always been fascinated by this car, when I built Bandai 1/48 Africa Korps as a teen, wished there was a kit. Then Hasegawa came out with the 1/72 kit. Years later this company in Ukraine came out with the 1/35 kits, several versions which are just top up or down. What I find interesting, there are more parts on the smaller scale, such as separate frame and fenders, the big scale are molded together. There is photo-etch for the 1/35, not for the 1/24, I just want a star! Hasegawa, with modifications: ICM 1/35: This rendering is sort of what I'm thinking of, not the whitewalls: This AMG G63 is sort of what I'm aiming for: Measuring the roof from the Heller 170V sedan compared to the G4 body. Used a proportional divider to draw to the same scale as the awesome instructions. Been wanting to use these Fireball Modelworks LED light bars and farm jack on something, just because they are cool. Found out about this book here on the forum. Also got Hobby Design turbos. Have nice diamond plate, a Mauser, jerry cans, should be good enough to start. Have changed my mind on the design, will go for the pickup. The off road performance was not great, since the front axle was not driven. Was thinking of imagineering a transfer case (using left over Celica part) and front axle (have a parts box differential and half shafts) with a modern independent suspension, with rack & pinion steering. Will jack up a little, not go Bigfoot crazy, the tires are awesome so not going to change. Rally style mud flaps are a must. Paint color is undecided, but it's obvious what my first choice is, and this time gloss coat for sure. The roof will require sectioning like crazy, body shouldn't be hard to stretch and make into an El Camino (just kidding), will *have to* make a working tailgate. Bumpers will be shaped like a Jadgepanzer, with diamond plate on top, winch on the front might be cool. The 1937-39 production had slightly fatter fenders, thinking of modifying. I have not seen one of these kits built, now that I posted, some will probably come out of the woodwork. ? custom = Benutzerdefiniert kick butt = Hintern treten hunting = Jadg shredder = Aktenvernichter terrain vehicle = Geländewagen sedan = Limousine
  3. My latest completion. These ICM kits are not for the faint of heart, but they have great details and scale appearance. I've had this one on the bench since January and finally got all the little brass bits attached. Just don't breathe on it too hard! Comments welcome, thanks for looking.
  4. First completion of the year, life has been getting in the way of bench time. Another outstanding ICM kit with excellent detail and some very fragile parts. Out of the box except for the paper straps on the front "awning". I really enjoyed building this, comments welcome, thanks for looking.
  5. I also put this in "What did you get today?" New mold, no flash, looks pretty good. No plated parts however, will need either brass paint or your favorite chrome solution.
  6. Because life has been happening it has been some time since I have worked on a model of any kind. With the final Toledo show coming up I thought I would take a crack at this kit in the out of the box guise. I will change some of the glaring errors and will explore what can be done with paint alone. Here is my start but already I have painted fenders twice and have a part line on the transmission hogshead and inspection cover to fix.
  7. Hello everyone. I finished up ICM's 1911 Ford Touring car. It is a great kit that has great details but also has its few flaws. The paint is Tamiya lacquer and the model is out of the box. Since you're only able to build the model with the top up, I used the folded roof from the AMT T kit to replicate the roof so the interior is able to be seen better. Here is the completed car:
  8. Arrived today direct from the Ukraine. ICM is sure getting its moneys worth from this tool. Same white tires as in other issues, no plating on the "brass" tree. I think I'll try to build it without fenders like a proper speedster.
  9. This arrived a couple of days ago. For those interested in brass era vehicles here's what's in the box. Instructions in English and Russian Parts in common with the other Model T releases This tree is for the light delivery body. The different fender unit appears to be just slightly longer at the back, about the only difference I can tell. White tires, well printed decals. I wonder if they had to pay Texaco? Clear parts, wrapped separately The tree that should be brass plated? I will need to find a suitable spray bomb. All in all I'm pleased with it. Looking forward to the construction.
  10. I'm working on a '14 Model T fire car and none of the kit parts are plated (the new ICM kit). I'm looking for opinions on the best way to replicate the shiny brass parts such as the radiator shell and headlights. Thanks in advance!
  11. This may have been the toughest model I've ever done. Even though it's 1/24, it's pretty small and spindly. I am very happy with the way it came out however. The only thing I might do differently is add some color to the tires. They just seem too stark white. Hope you like, comments welcome.
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