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Ford 49 Coupe Street Rod


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Hi guys i started my second proyect based on the Ford 49 Coupe by AMT

Initially was a challenge i had than consisted in built a box stock model in just 12 hours.

I started like 8am and by 2pm i hadn´t painted any part.
Lost a lot of time trimming the body, shaving the door handles, and a lot of flash it had.
I primed it, then painted in black as the base coat and then i used createx iridium violet as the final color.

By 8pm i just painted the body, finished the chassis without weathering, some cabin details and striped the chrome paint










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Thanks for the comments guys.

After i finished the challenge i decided to use the flames decals that came in the Revell´s Mercury kit, it was a bit tricky because
this ford is a little bit smaller than the mercury but finally i liked the result.






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Love the purple, you said Createx? Where did you pick it up from, and is it an acrylic water base paint?

Yeah, its Createx, i found it in a store here in Colombia, but here is the link to their web page www.createxcolors.com.

And yes its water based

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