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all White - Autocar here

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here a auyocar sleeper with a kenworth on the workbench [ must stil make some pictures of him alone ]





Great Autocar, Jacobus - looks like an early 50's model with the integral sleeper and set back front axle.

What conversion kit is the needlenose KW?

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the kenworth conversiekit was from P&P , it was about 4 ore 5 years ago that i get him from eric

even with a peterbilt 362 doublle bunk at the same time

good stuff , thats my opinion

i hope that everything is alright with him


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Is the yard mule a scratchbuilt cab you put on a Paystar Chassis or is it a resin conversion?

It reminds me on a FWD/Oshkosh/Kenworth CBE ...

That was a resin cab that was offered by Spaulding(I think) many years ago. I wish I had scooped up one of those cabs. I first saw this truck posted on the plastic cowboy back in the early 2000s. Im pretty sure its on a Paystar chassis.

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This is the Autocar dump truck kit converted into a tractor. Originally built as a logger, I rebuilt it into this "Michigan Train".


Converting the engine into an NTC 350, air lines and fuel system details, swapping in the main and auxiliary transmissions from a KW W925, and the rear trailer was shortened with the "dolly" built as an integral part of the trailer rather than a separate unit. The colors are Model Master Classic Black with a Testors light blue frame. Unfortunately, the truck has to be rebuilt, but the trailers will be pulled by a matching Road Boss that is still being built.

There are some nice builds posted here.





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