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It's been a while sense I've worked on anything , so I thought I would start on the American Superliner .

I started with cutting the frame to shorten it , I'm going to use Mack rear suspension from AITM , wheels from Kit Form Service, and scratch built cross memebers

Thanks for looking







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           You have captured my full attention with this build. And I like what I see here thus far. The combination of aftermarket parts is also interesting. And somewhat similar to what I have in mind for this model. So I will be following this thread closely!



     Be Well


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Some updates , I filled in the cut outs on the front fenders and added some under hood detail.

I also took the big jump and started cutting up the cab, hopefully every thing will fit right .





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Whats the deal with the cab? Im not familiar.

To the best of my understanding Italeri simply took the Freightliner kit and adapted the Mack cab to fit. If you will notice the Italeri cab angles inward in front of the doors. The cab needs to be narrowed to correct this. The links that Jim posted give good info on this. I did have the original issues of those magazines myself, but thought that I was out of modeling for good, so I got rid of them. Oh well, live and learn.

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Thanks Brian for explaining that. 

I never really gave it any thought about the cab until i read the articles .

It does look better after being trimmed down. Hopefully I can do it without screwing it all up.

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Apparently Italeri did this with a lot of their 1/24 US truck kits.  There is a Freightliner, a Mack-liner, and a Ford-liner that I know of. Apparently their Peterbilt frames are accurate, but I cannot confirm that.

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