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Just a quick model cause I've had trouble sleeping for awhile now. 

So that others could sleep even if I cant, I opened up wade a minut. With two in the box I needed a alt to race starter.  I'll do the race starter Wade a minut when I'm thinking clearly.  without a plan I started in on him, sanding, gluing, filling holes, even found a spot out of the pouring rain to get him primed.


While standing in the rain at 0300, my neighbors got up and started packing their truck and boat. As they left, they stopped at their front door and grabbed two cases of Rolling Rock. One guy looked at me standing alone in the dark in the pouring rain and asked if I was OK, then handed me a beer.  I said thanks as they left. You see I don't drink any more, but this gave me an idea for Wade. Wade is going fishing!

With the weather the way it is in CA right now, rattle cans are out of the question and I have yet to get into airbrush. Painting by hand was the way to go.
No, I have never hand painted a whole model. I have painted houses. How hard could it be? ;)
Turned out to be fun and I learned alot.

The guys had on matching hats, white shirts, fishing vests, blue jeans on with big leather boots.
I used the Wierd-ohs Davey base and sign.


And I used the sticker from the neck of the Rolling Rock on the back of Wade's vest. And made beer bread from the beer. Everyone likes to wake up to the smell of baking bread.


Thanks for checking out wade!

Beer bread

3 cups flour
3 Tablespoons sugar
2 Tablespoons baking powder
2 teaspoons salt
1 - 12oz beer,  any 12oz beer you choose.

Mix ingredients together.
put into greased loaf pan. (got mine at the dollar store)
bake at 375 deg. for 45-50 min. 

So easy and make the house smell great.



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