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Where to begin... Well, when I saw the movie Tommy Boy, I fell in love with the GTX. I cringed when they destroyed it in the movie. From the moment in the gas station to when they hit the deer. UGH! I saw this kit at Ollies for 8 beans so I bought 2 of them. My plan was to make a Tommy Boy car ans the other would be a S&M car.

First thing I did was cut off the top. I've never built a convertible car before so I was in unchartered waters. After removal, I ground down the excess plastic level with the rear window opening and then went to the front window and started grinding away.

As I built the car, I couldn't believe how many pieces were omitted. I know it's a race car but c'mon. The kit had a lot of flash. I've never had to deal with it this much before.

The boot was made with a piece of sheet styrene cut down to fit covered with some vinyl I picked up at the fabric store. The heater hoses were made with a busted pair of ear buds. Everything else was pretty much box stock. I added the wipers and battery from my parts bin.

Thanks for looking

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