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1/16 Beach City Corvette: On the bench 8/19/17

John Teresi

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Congrats on another masterpiece! Just incredible and thanks for the many pics you post during and after your build, it makes for so much enjoyable viewing.

Christopher......thank you!!!!!.......I still have a few things to button up but,I should have this done  in a few days.......it was one of my favorite drag cars as a kid ......seeing it at Lions Drag Strip in long beach........it was a very cool model to build.......thanks

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John, I would be SOOO proud to call that one mine.  It's just a beautiful build.  I couldn't wait to see you put down the paint and you sure didn't disappoint.   Each new build you complete becomes one of my favorites.  Congratulations, tim

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Unbelievable is right....not really because I watched you build it, but simply amazing. I mean no offense to anyone on this site as there is talent beyond mention, but you sir, in my opinion, are one of the absolute best.


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Speechless (for a change).

Yeah well, that's out the window.

First I was floored when I saw the base paint. When I recovered from that, you punched me with the decals. Then I got a left hook with the pilot figure.

Now you know why I donated the figure. Most outstanding models are fine on their own. This one needed to be honored by Gary's presence.

I'm glad he's standing as opposed to being in the seat, hidden when the body is down.

You and his daughter should be proud Bro.

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Hello......thank you all so very much for the kind comments and for following along with this build .......I really did appreciate it:)........I`m calling this build finished.......I made the tins and painted them Alclad and lighlt weathered .......I painted the bumpers Alclad......I used a Paul Rowe resin parachute and added a few details to it.......I made some incerts for the grill and added some GWS Custom decals to them.......I painted the tailights Alclad and added some acrylic red stickers ......I chrome foiled the rocker brkt. and added some "Pro Tech" nut and bolt ends......I will debut this model and the Tom McEwen Coors Corvette at this weekends model car show at the NHRA Museum.......I will post some "Outside" pics in a few days.......thanks for looking












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Truly inspiring work my friend. One of the many things I like best about your builds is nothing is molded in. Every single part on the real car has been accurately portrayed as a single piece in your replica. Great stuff. Another one of my favorites of yours, and there are many.

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