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Collection pics!


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1 hour ago, StevenGuthmiller said:

I really don't know how some of you guys keep these piles of kit boxes looking so nice.

I find that I can't pile my boxes more than about 3 high because I'm constantly pulling out kits here and there to look for parts or whatever.

If I had my kits stacked like this, I would guarantee you, the first thing that would happen is that I would need something out of the Revell '64 Chevy truck box, bottom row, center!! :rolleyes:









Lol that would be me also! These collections are far greater than i couldve ever imagined! Im still blown away by how many unbuilt kits there are!!!! I could only dream?

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11 hours ago, Dave Ambrose said:

you can post as many pictures as you want. We removed the picture limits some time back as our disk space is now unlimited.

Does this mean there is no longer any need to post via Fotki/Photobucket etc?

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On ‎12‎/‎14‎/‎2017 at 10:43 AM, Jantrix said:

Here's my built models in my new dedicated hobby room. My unbuilt stash is about 65 kits and generally unremarkable. I build a good variety of stuff I think.






Love the weathered cars. The Mustang, copy of the Cherry 2000, I think? Correct me if I am wrong. Need a closer look.

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21 hours ago, Plastic_Passion said:

I sincerely don' know how you guys do it! I'd never be able to keep that many unbuilts!!!! I feel like all these stashed are sensory overload!

Don't know the other guys. My collection just appeared out of years passing by. Completely unplanned. Really started to grow when I quit smoking. Have about same amount in basement, cigarette money and overtime.

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37 minutes ago, RustedBronco said:

Love the weathered cars. The Mustang, copy of the Cherry 2000, I think? Correct me if I am wrong. Need a closer look.

Thanks. Yes it is. It's the only replica I have done to date. Here's the Photobucket album.

http://s53.photobucket.com/user/Jantrix/library/Cherry 2000?sort=3&page=1

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On ‎18‎/‎12‎/‎2017 at 8:03 PM, kelson said:

Great thread!here are some pics of my builds,a few diecast and promo's and some built ups I bought off the auction site:IMG_0075.thumb.JPG.b89faaa8214d8fcc5a916610e1b1f248.JPGIMG_0076.thumb.JPG.2dc9cbeddf53204060176a5896d8b6a9.JPGIMG_0077.thumb.JPG.68537668a76ee7bbb05d4b05217d43e6.JPGIMG_0078.thumb.JPG.78b3237dd5ff7e013f9f4a272d36b9bd.JPGIMG_0079.thumb.JPG.d5539a180759a658689a1ed9b7b5e7b6.JPGIMG_0080.thumb.JPG.b1e5f8a2464635a6b94562c658b80a1c.JPGIMG_0081.thumb.JPG.9e811c49a9d5b8a665a4f165743c7afd.JPGIMG_0082.thumb.JPG.00a942a7cfbe7aa8828e9cd7f59768a4.JPGIMG_0083.thumb.JPG.d7475e0ee4cab1ffe57f1d7ff2d04c7b.JPG

Very nice Curtis I must see it in person some day .....LOL

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