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1938 Custom Ford Van

Darren B

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20 hours ago, espo said:

I like how you hinged the rear door. What are you using for the green tufted flooring ?

Espo, thank you, I am learning more on making ok hinges. Thank you for the comment. The there’s flooring is craft foam I pick up at hobby lobby. Then with a few simple tools I form the design in the foam. I threw together a quick tutorial on the process. Not a detailed one but should get you headed in the right direction if you want to try it out. Modelsinc.yolasite.com is the site, than click in the tips and technique page and give it a try.

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Thanks guys, been awhile, just a little update. Finally got the hood hinged, nothing I hate worse then display a model and have to sit the hood beside it.



also covering up the hinge locations on the inside of the rear door.


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On 8/31/2018 at 5:29 PM, Rider said:

I agree on the hood having to be set aside, it takes away from the model. This is looking like it will be a real stunner when done. The interior looks to be lowrider inspired. 

Thank you very much, yes the button tuft is used for lowriders. I am torn between making this a lowrider, or just a rod.

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14 hours ago, Belugawrx said:

Nice start D

Like the side hinge on the hoodB) might wanna tube those for easy painting,...no?

Thank you, the picture does not show it very well but there is a quarter inch tube epoxied to the hood and the wire runs thru it. It took me a while and several tries to the the tube just right in order to get the hood back off and back on. Now my issue is getting the 3d foam to fit the hood and hid most of the wire. I also just came up with an idea using thin steel from an altoids can and a magnetic to be able to put a removable mural under the hood on top of the foam to help hide the rest of the wires. pics to come shortly.....

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got it installed. Metal plate helps hide the ugly setup of the wire hinges meeting the hood. I can also make many of them using this as a copy and add murals to them that can be changed out from time to time.




the lil round thing is the magnet. I will cover all that up with putty and paint....

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