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Pete 377 Day Cab conversion?

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I am wanting to build a Day Cab for a project in the near future. I like the Italeri Pete 377 A/E. Does anyone make a Day Cab conversion for this kit? I am going to be making a copy of a local fruit hauling truck and they all use Day Cabs, mostly IHC, Volvo, Pete, etc.

I like the Italeri Kits and the 377 fits the bill. 1/24 scale would also be nice for the huge amout of scratch building required for the trailer.


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Famous last words but I'm going out on a limb here not having attempted this particular kit with my own eyes.  The sleeper is an "add on" instead of integral like Volvos on the 377.  There should be  a large opening in the back of the cab...assuming your kit is something like this


Filling it in and sticking in a back window shouldn't be terribly difficult, me thinks.  The size of the back window is one of those things Paccar offers a hundred different variations on...or at least used too back when I was in this racket.  If you are going to do a day cab, consider shortening the frame if you're going for "run of the mill" kind of thing.   Check out www.truckpaper.com for lots of good prototype pix.


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Making one wouldn’t be too hard, but if you’re looking to buy one, Italeri has one in their latest edition of the 378. I’ve seen that particular Italeri part and aftermarket ones on eBay. P&P resin made a 377/378 day cab insert too, still listed on their website for $7, it may still be available. ppvintagekits.com

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8 minutes ago, DRIPTROIT 71 said:

I would suggest Gary Wallace. He has the big back window for $10 and the small back widow for $5. Gary can be reached at gwtrucks@yahoo.com. He's old school with no website. I've had no complaints about his products or service. I would highly recommend.

I forgot about that one, and yes, this would be the best route. As a bonus, it comes with the cab mounts.

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I live in central Washington. Around here they grow fruit, and lots of it. Apple, peaches, pears, cherries, etc. The big fruit companies are all right here, mostly in Yakima where I live, but also in Ellensburg, Wenatchee, and many small towns. During the summer and fall these trucks are all over the road shuttling fruit from the farms to the fruit companies.

I want to build one because they represent the area I live in. As you can see, the trucks that haul them are just Plane Jane  day cab trucks, fleet type, mostly white, some single some dual drive. No fancy wheels or extra chrome. Just a working truck.

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