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  1. Welcome to the forum, officially now. Great build. Excellent choice in paint, looks very nice. Keep ‘em coming.
  2. The Titanic has been a lifelong subject of interest. I had just started kindergarten when the wreck was discovered, and I remember the fascination taking hold. I have this kit, and I’m in the process of amassing the detail upgrade kits and parts from various sources. It has already taken a huge amount of research and materials thus far. In the end, many years from today, it’ll probably be the most expensive and time consuming single hobby project I’ll ever take on - but, hopefully, the most rewarding.
  3. That’s a kit I don’t have, but I seem to remember somebody making a correct one (P&P?), but I don’t remember what the issue was with the kit dash. I wish I was more help.
  4. Am I correct in remembering that to do an accurate Powerliner you’d have to widen the AMT Freightliner cab? Still, with this photo etch set, we’re a lot closer to being able to build one than before. Looks like a nice set.
  5. That’s a beautiful truck, love that paint!
  6. I like the color, and that’s right, it does look like an ex-Forestry Service truck. Excellent all around.
  7. That’s definitely on my “to buy” list. Nice to have another option for a modern engine. Perfect for a VN780 I have.
  8. The decals look very nice. Be sure to post the project as it comes together.
  9. The kit looks great. A huge THANK YOU! to Tim and everyone at Round 2 that worked hard to bring this back to our hobby.
  10. Thanks for the photos. I’m glad James pointed this out. Here’s the evidently much more common 122” bbc, and the noticeable difference with how the hood is flush up against the door, lacking the extended cowl and upper lip on the hood. Interesting info, otherwise overlooked. Just another reason why this forum is so useful. Thanks guys!
  11. I agree, now I’m not going to be able to unsee the differences either. It seems that the updated 2011 Prostar+ version with a 125” bbc and 15L MF did make it into production, but the actual number of trucks that rolled off the assembly line as a “+” model with a 15L may have been really small. Otherwise, I may look into modifying the kit into a 122” bbc whenever I get around to building it. I’ll look up some more info, including trying to see if any of them are up for sale on Truckpaper - a good source of real life truck info, as you can search by make, model, engine, etc.
  12. Really interesting information, much of which I wasn’t aware. I missed the fact of the longer cowl/hood vs. the production model. Great info. I was under the impression that both Moebius Internationals were tooled with the Maxxforce 15, not the 13. But, is that incorrect? I’ve read that the 1:1 Maxxforce 15 never made it into the production Lonestar due to cooling issues with the radiator design, and it didn’t last very long in production in other trucks like the Prostar, due to other numerous issues. But, I thought they had mild success with the 13L version, thus I’d actually prefe
  13. Thanks Joel, for your honesty, great approach to what you offer, and positive outlook. We don’t always see that with aftermarket vendors. I appreciate your contribution to the hobby. I have enjoyed your items. You’re right about what a huge leap 3d printing has taken recently, I can’t wait to see what the future brings.
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