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  1. Change a tire....?? I'd get in touch with ACE (Bill)
  2. Pretty much nothing has changed for me, I maintain supermarket refrigeration so the work is still needing to be done when something happens. Kinda been been Same Stuff Different Day.
  3. The dog just may tell you it's time to have them in your life, I have a chewawa dachshund mix that happened with. Little brat just would not go away and I'm personally a big dog person.....now I have a cat that barks!! Been a good dog though.
  4. I know I'm late to this, but those are beautiful pictures, hope this finds you and yours well. Stay safe
  5. My condolences to you, I lost one of my redbone hounds 2/14/19.....its never easy sorry for your loss.
  6. alexis are you otr, o/o if so PM me I've got a friend with a dry van and reefer sitting because he's to busy with his skateboard.
  7. Dont get yourself into trouble Mr. Snake sure I'm not the only one here that knows what that means. ?
  8. Mine could go In either category, irked or pleased, Sunday wife goes to pick up some missed ingredients for dinner and the pick up pukes out on her so I take the big truck down to see what's up. Put pickup in gear engine dies out tried holding high RPM to get it home same thing, so leave pickup at grocery store and have it towed on Monday. So at this point I'm beyond irked because I cant find my code reader (that I likely put someplace stupid) and cant get it home. So it stays over night, then goes on an tow truck 65.00. Gets ride to shop, me thinking torque converter, turns out to cam position sensor and it came home for another 300.00 running good, so all in all good day.
  9. What your talking about is called a stinger tow it will show up on google, I was looking for pictures I have but they wouldn't post.
  10. Hmm I've been spending enough time trying to free up a forge blower I haven't noticed the time it's been since I last got an issue, mine are from the store though.
  11. Sold to the middle east...I guess that and the fact some spent that kinda money on a toy means they have money to feed it.! 12 million could definitely be better spent. The hp someone mentioned I think it is 2 8V92's which are 2 stroke...so would that make a difference?
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