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2017 Mobil 1 Clint Bowyer Ford Fusion


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This is my progress so far on the current Revell Ford nascar kit. Clint Boywer Mobil 1 scheme from 2017. Decals are powerslide from Mike's decals, paint is tamiya pure white and tamiya brilliant blue. A few details added; plug wires, engine decals on the valve covers (also powerslide), seat extensions and roll bar pad next to seat, a couple cage bars that were left out, decals to the wheels and tires (again powerslide), front splitter, carbon fiber decal on the dash, ecm wiring, steering wheel radio button and cable, and the ride height will be lowered. I'm waiting on some decent weather to clear the body, gotta finish the detail painting on the wheels, then install the windows and it'll be under glass. Thanks for looking. 







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2 hours ago, Devilsnake98 said:

Thanks, I actually flat cleared the tires so they are protected. 

That should do it then. Sometimes you have to flex the tires to get the wheels to pop into place and if they are not sealed down good they could come off on your finger tip. I always decal my tires after they are installed to the wheels. Of course I always decal the body after the model is finished. Just to be safe.

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Got a little bit done today, detail painted the wheels, assembled the wheels and tires and installed them, finished the radiator and hoses. Ride height isn't as low in the front as I thought I had it, but I don't want to break the front wheels back off, the next one will be lower for sure. Now just have to wait on the weather so I can clear the body. 






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