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First Rusting Attempt


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Hi All...

New member here. Old timer casually getting back to modeling. Couldn't count the kits I built as a youth (though I remember quite a few fondly and in detail).

Here's only my second kit after 30-ish years and my first attempt at rusting. It's an AMT 1941 Plymouth coupe. I had some fit issues (or it could have just been my rusty skills) but it was mostly to experiment with aging & rusting techniques. Naturally, I see things that I wish I had done differently but overall I'm pretty happy with how it turned out.











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15 hours ago, Tom Geiger said:

Looks good.  What you did right was that you didn't over do it!   

That is the key, knowing when to stop.  Tomm's Plymouth looks great, especially the bottoms of the fenders. 

One thing did catch my eye: in the close-up photo of the engine compartment, the driver side of the cowl looks like it still has a few large grains of salt (?) on it.  You could either knock those off, or paint them brown and call 'em mud clods. 

This build is useful for me to steal from right now.  I'm just about finished (I hope!) weathering a car that raced at the Nurburgring.  Struggling with "when to stop" on that one.  Based on old photos, the rocker panels and bottom of the body should have blackish asphalt schmutz all over. But the 'Ring also has grass and dirt areas the cars ran into, leaving mud and grass clumps in the wheel wells. And the paint often got heavily chipped, especially the front ends .  Also adding a little dust and dirt to the interior.  Having to often restrain myself...

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17 hours ago, Tom Geiger said:

Looks good.  What you did right was that you didn't over do it!   

I quite agree. Very realistic. For a first go at it, I'd call this a success. Another thing I like is that you changed rust shades on different parts, the bumpers are different than the body for instance. So many modelers forget that nothing that rusts does so uniformly or in the same shade of rust. Well done.

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Thanks very much for the words of encouragement! While I can admire some of the total rust bombs I've seen, this actually went a little bit farther than I really intended. Still, happy with it. Yes, there is a bit of salt that caught my eye in the photos more than in real life. Making them mud is a great idea! I look forward to seeing a weathered 'Ring racer.

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20 hours ago, eldiablo78 said:

welcome did you try Vallejo paint stuff like flat clear/mat clear + pigment from the same brand name on the paint is Model color


I used a variety of paints...would have to go look at bottles to remember them all. I did use the Vallejo pigments; I liked those a lot. I used flat clear over the whole thing when it was done.

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2 hours ago, Ich_Will said:

Very convincingly rusty, but I see you live in WI so you are used to rust. :)  Welcome aboard! 


Thanks! Yes, we see our share. I imagine MN isn't much different, though I haven't spent too much time there the last several years.

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