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1/24 Revell 1986 Chevy Monte Carlo SS 2'n1


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It's available now, and it looks like a straight reissue from the previous "Streetburner" issue, with the 21"(?) 100-spoke(?) wheels and super lo-pro tires as the second option. Looks like two different colored stock stripes, as well as a third decal option, a set of non-stock hood and trunk skunk stripes:




Previous reissue:


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27 minutes ago, hpiguy said:

Revell just sent me the 87 GNX / GN 2n1 boxing so this looks like a G-body intensive summer for them!

If it goes as nice as this Monte it should be a nice build up.

Does it have the painted windows like the SS kit? That is a huge bonus that will get me to pick up this issue even though I've got one of the last issues already.

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The pad printed windows are a nice touch.

Ill pick up a kit, so I can transfer the windows to a stalled build of the Black over Grey/Red Stripe ‘86 SS my Mom bought new. 

Did anyone else notice the box art has the ‘83 style SS steel wheels?

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