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Thanks.  A few petty details for amusement purposes.  I build cheap as possible. Other than the basic kit most everything is from dollar general or re purposed stuff. That includes most paints and adhesives. 

Precision fit is the city delivery truck.  Lindberg kit with minimal mods. Remainder is scratch built from sheet plastic, sandpaper, and tinfoil scribed with a comb for the building exterior. Trailer only goes in about an inch at an angle.

Toll bridge is the tank on the bridge. "Tokam" kit. Very nice kit. Scratch built otherwise out of balsa, dirt, and twigs. Trees are woodland scenics foilage..no trunks. I'm still trying to find a cheap alternative for the trees and shrubs...getting closer. Probably will finish the tank with a skeleton to hold turret but leave all exterior skin off.

Delivering the mail is the Korean era army truck. A glue bomb found reworked and muddied up. Scrap pile is just that. Real dirt. Tarp is a chunk of panty hose. 

Class is the peterbilt from their 1970's advertising program. House is scratch built styrene. Porch lamps and planters are extra tank sprockets, tank barrel, and jet engine parts. Plants are cotton balls. Rock wall is craft paper. Shingles are popsicle sticks. Columns from a wedding cake. Truck is a Revell snap kit. White walls are styrene. Air cleaners are brass tube and fuel strainer screen.  Working on more flowers and a fountain now.

I use woodland scenics turf for grass but to get texture, apply it over cheap "scotchbrite" like pot scrubbing pads. Static grass is nice but too pricey for my needs imho.



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All your work is interesting, JC...... and it just proves that you can use scraps and stuff lying around, which saves money at the same time. I particularly like your idea of having only about one inch of the trailer going into, or coming out of the entrance to the loading bay..... cleverly not having to build an entire trailer!


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