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While we're discussing the artistic merits (or lack thereof) of theming your vintage muscle car as a consumer product, I will lay this one down:

- I knew of a guy who took his '79 Camaro Z-28, spray bombed it primer black, then added a graphics kit from one of those old Kyle Petty Mello Yello #42's. It was just as atrocious as it sounds. Was it worse that it was his sorta-beater-daily-driver, and not his high-buck restoration?  I don't know. All I do know is that every time I saw that car, I died inside a little.

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Hey not something I'd do to a car but it wasn't my money spent to do it. And hay if the owner is happy with thats who has to be happy with it.

 I've seen some pretty atroicious things done to cars that pretty much destroyed the car and would be difficult or impossible to reverse. Besides how many 69 chargers were destroyed to do the DOH.

And last if Round2 can make money selling them great.

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I'm way past mocking the kit manufacturers for co-branding tie-ins. Anything that keeps them in business and hopefully gives them enough profit to develop new kits is okay by me. These types of deals allow them to sell to, (In this case) Coca Cola collectors that don't build models, but will buy anything that has the Coke brand on it.

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