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I was aware of the Mint 1958 Corvettes but was surprised to find a Classic Metal Works '58 in 1/24 scale.  It turned out to be an affordable model with almost all the feature of the Mint cars.








It was 1958 at Dusty Rhoads Chevrolet.









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THat is an intereting comparison.   Is the CMW actually larger than the Mint car?  Or is it the angle of photo?  THe silver painted trim is the big giveaway it's not a much more expensive replica.  Front buimpers are a bit heavier handed thant he mint counterparts.   but new vs new pricing makes the difference in all that.  Still a very nice replica that has a LOT of potential.   I like the body color better, might have preferred a white cove?  Idk, it's pretty nice like it is.  

THanks for comparing them.  Hobby needs all this we can get.  

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Very nice! I don't like '58s enough to go out of my way to find one, but if I run across one at a good price, I'll pick it up no problem. 

I have several CMWs--couple different '69 Camaros, '66 GTO, and '70 Chevelle SS. They seem to be copies of plastic model kits. The Camaro, for example, is a pretty obvious ripoff of the Revell model. I like 'em. 

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The Mint and CMW Corvettes are the same size Randy though the photo does not appear that way. 


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