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Tamiya masking tape adhesive removal

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1 hour ago, DaveP said:

I've used Tamiya masking tape but when I removed it it left an adhesive residue. I don't want to mar the paint so how can I remove the gluey residue without damaging the paint?

i never had that happen..how long you leaving it on ?


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16 minutes ago, ShawnS said:

Is it actually residue or is it an imprint in the paint left over from where the tape was?  If it's actually adhesive residue just use a little polishing compound. What paint are you using?

I think it's an imprint in the paint, so I guess a repaint is in order. It was rattle can stuff but went on beautifully, probably one of my better paint jobs.


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Yeah I find that I can't leave Tamiya tape on for any extended period of time and definitely don't leave paint with tape on it in the sun as that will leave those marks. I did find that with Tamiya TS spray paints I can throw a couple of coats of TS13 clear over the top and the paint seems to reset itself as the clear and the paint become one and the tape marks go away.

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The first time I used Tamiya masking tape I had the same problem.  I had painted a car body with Tamiya white acrylic and when I felt it was sufficiently dry, I masked off the body and airbrushed the vinyl roof with black Tamiya acrylic.  

The tape gave me great separation between the two colors, but left tracks/imprints/whatever on the body.  Luckily I had some sanding pads in several grits I was meaning to learn how to use, so I polished it, and it not only removed the tracks, it gave the paint a fantastic finish.  Try something like that before you dump it in the purple pond. 

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