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Brbo 2021 Brockway 361 mixer tribute

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On 10/8/2021 at 4:40 PM, BIGTRUCK said:

Nice fab work on everything you've done so far. Should be a beauty.

Thanks its really turning into the build I hoped for 


1 hour ago, Pete68 said:

Your sprinting to the finish line with a nice looking truck great scratch work too. 

Haha sprinting! Gotta sneak up on the dirt bath..I always get anxious about adding the crud layers after months of detail painting..but its a mixer and they're always dirty lol

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Today I started adding the cement crud around the mixer . Using concrete patcher powder w water works okay..would rather use the bag mix stuff .  Ill wipe off the excess , then add the few decals , then spray a dull sealer .



Getting to the point of wanting this done , the squirrels are starting to find other projects for me ...sounds like another snow mover  ! 

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Weird the only photos I took before making a complete mess..usually I take dozens lol

The clean side before adding the brockway hood emblems . 


And the intake plumbing done before vmf clamps were attached 


The crud definitely looks awful,  but cleans off leaving a cool dusty vibe . I'm not planning a trashed out mixer , more of the usual dust and concrete droppings building up on a working truck

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The mixer is finished  ! I added a few details , mud flaps w logos on computer paper then snapped some photos 

Enjoy 20211106_111928.thumb.jpg.0113b27fe223d58c650f45b174551672.jpg



ladder braces were added I forgot about earlier 20211106_111942.thumb.jpg.58b7fab6b7980c5255bbf57ae5c06b0d.jpg

Extra chutes w a flash rusting ..just mig powders over steel paint for effect 



Thanks to everyone following my build 


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4 hours ago, DRIPTROIT 71 said:

Looks great Jeff!! Excellent work!! I like it!!

Thanks ! Another fun build checked off the list 


36 minutes ago, Mopar - D said:

Awesome Jeff! Definitely looks well used on muddy work sites. 

Thanks,  these trucks really got worked but the drivers took care to maintain them . Ill probably add a dump truck of their fleet someway 

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