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HIRO 1/12 models

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Never heard of accuracy complaints about Hiro kits. They are not, however, for the faint of heart. While the resin is wonderful, the white metal parts need a lot of clean-up. You'll be drilling a lot of holes, and the instructions won't always tell you need to. Test fit, test fit, test fit. Look well ahead in the instructions to see what attaches to what and where. (This is my experience from one of their 1/24 kits. Which I never finished. But that's me.)


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As someone who has several of the MFH kits (1/24 to 1/12), all I can tell you is that you have to really take your time with those. They are by no means for the novice and faint of heart. Their prices especially for the 1/12 scales reflect the amount of work that one needs to put into them as you are essentially building the car as if it were a 1:1.

One example which I have is the 1/12 '63 Ferrari 250 GTO. This one has an actual working V12 once you get done with it with moving pistons, valve train and all. I do believe somewhere on their site they show this working before it was put into the model.

Pricey stuff, but IMO worth every penny.

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My Ferrari D50 was linked up here so let me write something.
I have been building MFH sets for some time. Actually everyone's galleries are here.

These are models for someone who:
 You want to make them (I came back to modeling after 40 years of break), 

You want to learn (the break has done its job),

You has a lot of time (they are labor-intensive and I'm almost retired),

You has some money (they are not cheap).


If you do, I can read a review from my latest Alfa P2 MFH gallery here:



its way better than heroine 



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