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I've been encouraged to join and look forward to getting acquainted with everyone.   I built models like most when  I was a kid and got reintroduced to Models and building when I was cleaning up and selling parts on eBay to support my Drag Racing habit about a year ago. At that time I had a bunch of kits and decided to sell on ebay and was amazed at the response I received. Now I buy kits to part out as sub-assemblies, currently the exclusive eBay Pro Tech dealer and creating my own line Drag Race Resin Parts with the help of my Friend Charlie from Pro Tech. You can find my eBay store at https://www.ebay.com/str/rockysperformance and attached are photos of my current Race Car and Model Build (more pictures on my Facebook Page https://www.facebook.com/media/set?vanity=lbrrocketcar&set=a.1784890681677471) that I've stretched the front end and building a scratch chassis....the build is to help me with the real build of the full size car. Thank You for having me, Rocky




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Guys, Rocky is my exclusive eBay seller for my Pro Tech parts line. He carries my full line of products for both 1/25 and 1/16-1/18 scale. I have known him for awhile now and he has proven to be a very straight up and honest guy to do business with and if anyone has purchased products from me (Pro Tech) I always treat the customer fairly and honestly and like my dealers to do the same and the reason I brought Rocky on board. He also is starting to do his own line of products so check out his site and check it often for any new products he will offer.


Pro Tech Model Parts 

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