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Karl LaFong

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This may be in the wrong topic but...

Several years ago I purged my model stash.  I should have been more careful, as I had the running gear for the 1926 Mack AC, but only a very odd selection of body parts.  So I added a gas tank built from Evergreen styrene, a floorboard cut from 1/32" basswood, and a front bumper also made from basswood.  All plastic parts were weathered with various shades of rusty brown paint and washes.  The wood was stained with an alcohol/brown or black ink mixture.



It's kind of boring, so I'll be adding some scratchbuilt or modified kit pieces.


The gearbox was made from basswood, lettered with Woodland Scenics dry transfer letters, and stained with alcohol/ink.  I'll be adding rusty watch gears and other parts later.




The sign was constructed of the same materials as the box.


A HO scale Walther's storage tank was modified with an Ozark Miniatures stopcock and aluminum tubing inlet and rusted with paints and washes.


A pallet was constructed of basswood and stained.  The large gear is an HO scale item, the other gears are watch parts.


Finally, an industrial piping fixture was made from an Ozark Miniatures shutoff valve and aluminum tubing, painted with Rustoleum black primer (which yielded a nice gritty surface), and rusted in the same manner as the other pieces.




More details will follow.

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Great weathering on everything! If your chassis had a cowl, steering wheel, seat & radiator it would look like an old doodlebug tractor. Here's a pic of a few of my fathers doodlebugs.


Captured 2012-8-27 00010 (2).jpg

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Wrong pic
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I finished the Mack - the remaining pics are in the "Under Glass" section.

One final comment is that previously I didn't have much luck with the Vallejo rust kit - things worked out much better when I 1) ignored the instructions and 2) used cheap make up sponges for application.  Viva Dollar Store!



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On 9/24/2021 at 2:39 AM, ChopSauce said:

Does that mean that you used the products but not the tools provided for their application?


Awesome work by the way. I wouldn't say it was posted in the wrong section but the title was pretty puzzling to me!

The instructions with the rust kit show it being applied with brushes or airbrushes.  Neither worked for me, but the make-up sponges worked well.

Thanks for the kudos!

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