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I have read and listened to talk about electric cars since I was a teen. The U.S. going green is not going too reverse global warming with the rest of the world 🌎 still not taking getting involved.  Not everyone is interested in electric cars. Ethanol is not good for the environment..

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One of the major areas of advancement is in power storage capability and capacity. There are finite resources in the world and some new technologies we can't even dream about will be coming that will provide for power. Some day we'll have cell phones (or whatever the future communication devices will be) will store enough power for months without charging, for instance. Remember, from the first manned flight to landing humans on the moon took less than 70 years. Technology is changing fast and will continue. Us old fossils will leave it to some of you young brainiacs. I'm sorry I won't be around to see it, but there are developments coming that we can't even imagine. Now, I'm going to hack up some petroleum based product while I can before we run out of oil!!!


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15 hours ago, BlackSheep214 said:

This isn't a political discussion.... unless you assume it's a political discussion. No disrespect towards you but just sayin'...

Correction, It's NO LONGER a political discussion because the blatantly political posts have been removed.




Personally, I like the idea of EV vehicles. I see it as a definite viable alternative for my transportation needs in the future. But we're not there yet, not by a long shot. The infrastructure is years away from being able to support mass adoption of EV vehicles. And right now, I would have to adjust my lifestyle too much to make an EV fit. And I'm not changing my habits for a vehicle. Once the tech, the range, and the capabilities fit my lifestyle, then I would consider looking a little harder at putting an EV in my garage. Until then, I still think there is plenty of life left in ICE technology. 

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Thanks for posting that.  I really enjoyed that dudes presentation - logical and balanced and pretty informative.  Gotta love the instant torque on EV vehicles for racing applications.  Formula E is pretty cool to watch, reminds me of my RC10 racing days lol.  And there's an electric car running in the 8s in the quarter mile.  But then again - you loose the visceral storm and fury of the ICE 


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The Hindenburg effect!  That is what has stopped using hydrogen in an internal combustion engine.  People believe that a hydrogen powered car will burst into flames in an accident just like that ill fated airship.  Unreasoning fear!

Personally, I have been an advocate for hydrogen combustion engines for a very long time.  Burn hydrogen, you get water, or more correctly steam.  The main issue with that is you also get corrosion.  Manufacturing an engine of that nature costs more to compensate for waters corrosive effects. 

  One of the good parts about hydrogen in an accident is that if it does leak(and doesn't combust) there is nothing to clean up.  Fuel spills of hydrogen do not harm the environment.  If it does combust, it is no more dangerous than what happens in an accident with a propane or lp powered vehicle.  

  The main issue with using it as a fuel is the same one that electricity has.  Lack of infrastructure to deliver it efficiently.  

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