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Motorama Custom Car and Motorsport Expo, Toronto, Ontario, Canada

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This show was a resounding success with record crowds and high quality cars and trucks to match any show in Canada and many other places :)  Here are a few of my favourites with lots more at the link, enjoy :) 

The 1966 Chevelle was my 'I wanna take it home now' choice and my 'Sleeper Car of the Year' winner.

The Mercury was outstanding, so go look at the rest of the shots of this car.

Louvres? You betcha...

This is a 1/4 scale Maserati, ALL hand built from the body to the tires, more shots in the album. 

The Porsche was completely restored by the owner in his home workshop. 

Paul just finished this 1963 Dodge 330, from the Wedge to the vented battery.

The Kenworth was very well done.

You don't have to be crazy to be the monkey in a sidecar...okay, maybe you do ;) 

The vintage full body dragster still runs :) 


Day 1 Thursday     0017.JPG

Day 1 Thursday     0048.JPG

Day 1 Thursday     0068.JPG

Day 1 Thursday     0108.JPG

Day 1 Thursday     0142.JPG

Day 2 Friday     0074.JPG

Day 2 Friday     0340.JPG

Day 2 Friday     0466.JPG

Day 3 Saturday     0020.JPG

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I agree with you about the little Chevelle. The Mercury reminds me of how many owners did them in the mid-fifties. Louvers and heavy metal flake paint. 

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