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Jeg's Dodge Stratus pro stock...Completed!


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I thought that I had originally posted in progress pics. of this project previously but I couldn't find any record of it so here goes.

This is a WIP of the 2004/2005 Jeg's Dodge Stratus pro stock. The resin body came from Badhabit Motorsports when they were in existence. The body was a slush cast and needed plenty of work to get it ready for use. Badhabit also created the decals which were actually very easy to work with. I started this project well over two years ago and got to a certain point when I tired of it and it went into the box. I took it back out about a month ago with new motivation and have been working on it ever since.

So, I will give you a rundown of where I am at with it currently.

The chassis was reworked in some areas to bring it to current standards. The front wheels are resin pieces that I created and the rear wheels are simply repopped So Real rear wheels done in resin. As you will see the front clip has been removed along with the doors which will be either hinged or simply glued in the open position later on.

The engine is a Ross Gibson B-1 block converted over to a Hemi. The valve covers are not accurate, modern pro stock Hemi valve covers but I like the way they came out so I'm sticking with them even though Ross Gibson came out with an excellent modern Hemi pro stock engine.

From this point on everything is simply create, paint, detail and add to the build. I will let the pictures speak to what I have done so far. Thanks for looking.







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And the engine progress, which is where I am right now. The fuel lines were the latest details to be added. They are from Protech. The fittings were resin cast pieces that I picked up at a show. The carbs. are resin items also from Protech.




And the radiator is kitbashed from numerous kits with added screen mesh.


This is where I am at to date with more updates and details to follow.

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I don't know if what I do would be considered weathering but I do attempt at adding a lot of drybrushing techniques to certain areas to try and bring out the three demensional details a bit more. Sometimes people forget that race motors are not like engines in show cars. They should show some dirt, some use and overall wear and tear.

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Wayne I don't know wot to say except WOW that absoloutely blows me of the planet the detail in this model is subperb abfab and wot ever else U can think of to put inthere words R not enough to say a great job so far WELL DONE.

Dingo :D

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Totally Insane Build..

I love it.

So much great detail and the Body looks Excellent.

Man, Did ya have the 1:1 in the garage to copy from?

Paint Decals look Excellent too.

I Love Love it..

Yup, I took a pic of it too. :)

That wasn't it but it is a Jegs Pro-Stock olds diecast.

Wanna trade? :lol::lol:

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  • 1 month later...

Well, it's been well over a month since my last update so here you go.

The doors are almost finished. I had to scratchbuild the door panels and make my own side glass as well as window bracing. The drivers side door is attached and just waiting to finish the passenger one. These doors are simply non working doors as the fit of the doors after cutting them from the body would have made making them fully open and close a real pain.

The front and rear glass has also been added. I've got a few more small boltheads to add to different areas as well as some minor wiring in the engine bay and the parachute and then this one is done.





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Man...that IS gorgeous Wayne.. B) Great work.

You always pull out a stellar effort on these motors, the rest of the build is second to none IMHO... :D

If I may ask, how good is the quality of the CR bodies..? I mean, they look great in pics..Did you need to do much clean up..??

Been thinking of grabbing one of these for a while, to build a replica of Mopar Australia's Pro Stock..



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Greg, thanks for the comments. This body, however is not a Comp Resins body. It came from Badhabit Motorsports when they were still in business. It was slush cast body that was not the greatest quality. The Comp Resins body, though is typical of Rogers work and is top notch and very easy to work with. Very little cleanup needed.

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**Searching for big thumbs up smiley**

Many thanks Wayne. :D I think I need to go order one..... :lol:

Not like I need another project......

Look forward to seeing the final result on your build, it's going to be a winner for sure..

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