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1969 camaro street/strip machine......off to the paint booth!!

Jeff Sauber

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Guest Johnny

Thanks so much for the kind comments, I really appreciate it..

Looks like I have caught some sort of sinus infection/chest cold or the like, so I haven't been at the bench much the last 2 days, but I'll get some updates as soon as I feel a bit better. I don't like to work much when I'm sick, I tend to get clumsy and sloppy..

If you haven't already Jeff, go to your doctor and let him pop you with an allegy shot! Works wonders!

Everything came out all at one time this year and has really caused problems for people with allergies.

Even those who have mild allergies are getting slammed! I never have problems and rarely get sick got hit this year!

It is bringing on cases of bronchitis in people that have never had it before too!

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Here's the final mockup update....

Things seem to be fitting together pretty well, so it's off to the paint booth this week, thus ending the last of the updates for a while.

I have another project to get back to, as this one will be drying for the next several weeks.

I sourced a set of hood hinges from my parts box that I'll either detail with photoetch, or I'll cut them apart and and make them functional...




The air cleaner is the 14" Edelbrock version from Pro Tech, I had to modify it a bit to fit around the extra Carb details I added, but it clears the hood/cowl panel and can be removed for better detail display...

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In my opinion Jeff I think you should go ahead and take it to the next level and make the hinges operational ( but hey that just my opinion) You are doing one heck of a Job my friend keep up the excellent work! B)

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Jeff, just discovered this, and I'm captivated how well it's coming out. I, too, had a '69 Camaro "granny car", though it was my second car. My first was a '54 Ford Rustomline which was a WIP, so in most ways, I consider the '69 I bought in April '78 my first "real" car. I had the base 250HP 2 bbl 327, also with a column shift Powerglide. I didn't change much on it, though, as I didn't have the budget in my poor college days. The only thing I added was a set of used American Racing slotted aluminum wheels in the rear, with baby moons on the front stock steel wheels. I couldn't do a lot HP wise, either, as the base cars had that stupid single leaf rear suspension.

Mine was Daytona Yellow with the black vinyl roof; I had the same seats of that indestructable black vinyl. Mine didn't have the woodgrain, as it had the grabhandle. I took the taillight assemblies out, and painted the rear panel flat black. I had a lot of fun with that car; in Jan. '79, I drove it with two friends from NY to Boulder, CO to visit other friends. (The back seat rotation was not a fun thing!) I miss that car...I eventually sold it to a guy who made a bogus Z28 out of it with wheels/ suspension similar to yours. He owned a shop, so he could do things to it I could only dream about.

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Killer, Jeff!

Yet another thread I had previously missed; glad it resurfaced.

I, too, am a '69 Maro Alum. Special-ordered mine new; loved it; loved it; loved it; hated when it died and I traded it on a '74 Charger. Wish I still had the Maro. Can't touch them now without a Swiss bank account.

Looking forward to seeing the wrap-up of your build. Thanks for the in-progress walk-around!

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Giving consideration to the size of the different parts, not to mention the photo etched items, I don't see how you guys do it.

This build is simply suberb abd I thank you for taking us along for the ride.

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I have NO IDEA how I missed this build J. I must say, it is a beauty. I like those MCG detail sets too. They just add that next dimension that paint detailing or scratch building cannot really achieve. I can't wait to see the paint and the home stretch.

Great work buddy.


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Get off your butt Jeff and gimme my fix!!! LOL j/k buddy looking forward to more on this one. :blink:

Yeah come on man, its looking really nice !!! If I don't get more I get angry, and you don't like me when I'm angry :):D

Looking good :D

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