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Hobbytown Labor Day discounts

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Usually the store I work at goes by the "MSRP" and depending on the price it may have a HTU price on it, although the recommended HTU prices the main office gives us on some stuff doesn't always make much sense (HTU price that is $2 off retail on some stuff :huh: ) Usually the HTU price is somewhere between what the store pays for it and what the MSRP is on the more expensive stuff and the shop owners should have some discretion at to what they charge. There were times when the big box stores were still carrying plastic models that the prices they were asking for those was in the neighborhood (and sometimes less) of what we were paying Great Planes (Tower Hobbies), Horizon Hobby, and/or Stevens International to get the same kits for stock.

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Skip, does this mean ALL Hobby town franchises participate ? Ed Shaver

No, as I said above, it means that only a few might participate. Under franchise laws, individual operators cannot be forced by the parent company to participate in promotions. And some may have their own unique promotions. As my original post suggested, you need to contact your local HobbyTown. All I know is what I got in my e-mail.

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