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Whats you pride and joy model?

Austin T

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Here's the model that started it all for me. It will always hold a special place in my collection. It opened my imagination right up. I found the plastic pig at Michaels, brought it home and immediately I thought of putting it on top of the Hasegawa VW Bus, and well . . . the rest is just pure styrene fun:


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Well, They aren't cars, but:

To explain some of them: the two on the bikes are actually Thai knockoffs of better kits. The bike that Cloud is on was mostly crushed by the larger parts, and the frame was completely destroyed. I scratchbuilt a frame from round stock based on the drawings in the instructions. The sportbike was just terribly molded and I had to do a lot of work on it to get it together. Overall they turned out pretty well. I just recently got back into cars, so I don't have as many of them to show off. :)

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You guys have built some really great models & I can see why they are favorites. Beautiful work & some great ideas & designs.

Most of what I build is for clients & gets shipped out when finished. There have been many favorites over the years.

The Frankenstude panal is still at the top of the list. It was built back in 2001 & I just bought what was left of it on EBay last month, I could not beleive that I came across it! I am now in process of a rebuild.ridstudiosbuilds159Small-vi.jpg



Sorry for the pics. I took digital pics of prints in one of my scrap books.

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Wow I see some really nice builds in here! :)

It's hard to pick only one, but if I really had to, it would be one of those;


'70 Dart Swinger

Beautiful Dart!!! Miss my 1971 Dart Swinger with the slant 6.. Good ol


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