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Newbie in da house !

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Hi Gents,

Just a few words to tell I joined in cos what I see in here is soooooooooooo kewl !!!!

My name's Richard, I am 38, I live in France, 35 miles south-east from Paris. I'm married (12 years !), got 2 beautiful daughters aged 9 and 11.

I've been modelling since I was 6... Yeah men, that's 32 years ago...

But what is new, is that it is a very short while since I turned to 1:25 model cars. I used to build aircrafts (1:48) and Armor (1:35), but a friend of mine had the brilliant idea to get me to a car show near Paris in june. I fell in love with Pontiacs, Chevrolets, Fords and Cadillacs from the late 40's to nowadays'.

I am currently building my first car in 32 modelling years. It is a Pontiac Firebird 1968 (1:25) from Revell.

Will show you in a dedicated post !

Long life to the forum !


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Welcome aboard, Richard! You'll like it here. Look around at the various forums, make lots of posts, get to know the regulars, and just basically enjoy the heck out of an extremely fun and educational website. I look forward to seeing your Firebird in the "On The Workbench" forum soon.

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