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Chuck Most

Hudson Highway

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Ever wonder what a Hudson medium-duty truck may have looked like? No?

Well, uh... yeah. Anyway, here's my interpretation of how one may have looked.

Hudson did in fact build pickups until 1947, and they did a 1/2 ton pickup prototype in 1948 based on a cut-down four-door car and a '47 Hudson bed. I built something similar with the '53 Moebius kit, but I still wanted to take it a little bit further as Hudson never did produce anything larger. So...


I started out with the '52 kit, which is identical to the '53 Club Coupe with NASCAR specific parts- not that that'll matter for this project!

The Step Down Hudson was a unibody car, so I did retain some of the stock frame and spliced in the rails from a '55 Chevy. Suspension parts were dredged up from the spares box. The car body was cut down and a new rear cab wall was cut from .030" styrene.


I sprayed the body in Rustoleum Oregano, and robbed a set of 8-bolt dually wheels from everybody's favorite dually wheel donor- Monogram's '91 F-350.


Here's the still in progress frame- you can see the Hudson's lower unibody frame in place. I figure if Hudson had really tried such a thing, they'd have tried to retain as much of the unibody structure as possible, to lower costs, and as a selling point for the truck. "Car-like comfort, structural rigidity, etc..."


The majority of the car's brightwork was removed, and I added some fender-mounted signals from an AMT clear amber sprue. I'm still thinking of adding some cab clearance lights. Not sure what kind of body I plan to use- I'm thinking of a wrecker or dump body. I'm designing the truck to aproximate the specs of a 1-1/2 ton vehicle, so it won't have anything too extreme back there.

The engine I may use is another what-if, it is an 'industrial' prototype Hudson six with an OHV cross-flow head.



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I like the wrecker bed idea Chuck, maybe a dealer owned unit to haul in those cars that need repair?

The stuff that comes from your mind and workshop always amaze me! Keep them coming!

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Fender flairs, maybe!?!

and running boards

More than likely- the front tires stick out past the fenders quite a bit more than I'd like, and it's high enough off the ground that running boards of some sort will be needed.

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Well.... you know how life intervenes sometimes and throws your hobby schedule all out of whack? Yeah. That's what's happening with this one. Nothing major, though, and I'm hoping this thing will be back on track sooner and not later.

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Reminds me of the heavyish-duty Nash trucks of the late 1940s.

Interesting concept, and I'm sure, done by you, done well.

Charlie Larkin

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