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I just started this and it's going to be a LONG project. I'm building my 99 Sonoma in scale. There is alot involved to make amt's 2nd generation s10/sonoma kits into a 98+. I'm going to scratch build the whole front end, and highly modify a 99 silverado dash/door panels and much more to look like my truck. Since my truck is an extended cab I also had to use two cabs. I might make the doors function, but we'll see when I get there. I am going to build the model with a few things done to it that I haven't done with the 1:1 yet(new mirrors, lowered suspension).
My 1:1:
The rear bumper still needs ALOT of work also.
Dash so far:
I'm going to take my time on this and make it as close to my truck as possible. Not sure how I'm going to do the front end yet but we shall see as I move along.
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Thanks guys! Yes it is a bravada bumper, which is extremely rare here in Canada because they never sold bravada's here so I was very surprised to find one in the junkyard.

My truck was a bare bones truck, but I added the power/heated leather seats(though the heat don't work), has no ac, no power locks/windows, really it's a base model truck with the sls package. But I love it because the color is pretty rare and I keep doing more things to it to improve it all the time.

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Well I got some work done on this one. I got the cabs glued together, interior tub lengthened, and chassis stretched. Now I have to attach the roofs together and start shaving the extra door handles and body lines. I am going to shave the tail gate also because that is something I want to do with the 1:1. I am also going to work on the rear ext cab windows because the opening needs alot of work to appear correct.

Now I need to find a set of mirrors like this in scale, I recently put them on.


Now the model:










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Hmmm I might have to look at the amt 04 I got laying around.

Anyways we got hit hard today so I didn't have to work. So off to the model room I went!

Found some seats that are similar to the '98 jimmy buckets I put in the 1:1. I will fill and re scribe the correct pattern.


I took this pic during the swap, old seat on the left.


more pics of the interior so far:





Then I worked on the suspension, had to modify the front end so the wheels would tuck properly. I also lengthened the exhaust and removed the rear bump stops since I cut them off the 1:1 already.


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Thanks guys. I'm building this as the way I want to finish the truck. The front end in the 94 isn't even close, I want this build to be as accurate as possible so I will scratch build everything that I need. The front actually shouldn't be too hard once I started thinking about it.

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Well I started to play around with the front end tonight after work. Looks like I got a solid plan on how I will do the front end.

Still needs alot of work but I put some tape on the bumper and where the headlights will be once finished to give me an idea how everything will look in scale.








The updates from now on will slow down but I had alot of free time this weekend and knocked out a bunch of work on this thing.

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Nice build. I have always liked the bravada bumpers on these trucks. I'll be following this one closely as the interior and grille that your working on is the next step in a build that i have had on the back burner. I had a 04 Blazer ZR2 that I put a full Envoy front end on that i am trying to recreate in a model.

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Thanks everyone.

Well I finally digged this back out and put on some wheels that look closer to my ridler 695's. They are Pegasus chrome T's.





I still have to paint the spokes to match the 1:1

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