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3500 Dually Tow Vehicle...(updates 07/16/14)

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hmm bah thats got to be a very rare one... becouse all my kits have / had chevy grilsl.. hmm where to find one to cast ( I have not even found one on evil bay )

The pro street version has the GMC grille along with the cowl hood. It's white on the box with pink and blue graphics. It's a fairly common kit.

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hey if you dont mind me asking how much did you extend the doors? also where did you extend them?

thanks carter


If you look back a page, check out the "WIP;; 1999 Chevy Silverado Crew Cab" build. Victor gives dimensions on what he did to make his conversion. Check it out!


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Thanks fellas for all the kind words ... I appreciate it....

Carter I did not measure anything when I did this... I basically just went with what I thought was right...lol... I cut the end off as close to the rear of the extended cab glass as I could, and I cut the donor Cab off as close to the front as I could... If that make sense..lol...

Well the first bout with the paint did not fair out so well... So I dunked it in the purple pond and started over heres's a few pics I'm gonna let it dry a few days then wet sand it and then lay on the clear... thanks for looking and comments welcome....






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Thanks alot fellas for the kind words... I really appreciate it.. I've put the clear coat on and gave it a few days to dry.. Yesterday I polished the body to clean some trash that was in the clear... I've added the running boards also.. heres a few pics.. thanks for looking and comments welcome...







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Thanks Mike....

Alright fellas.. I got the front grille fininshed up tonight I painted the trim around the headlights black and then I cut out four rectangular pieces of clear sheet styrene to make some headlight lenses, the signal lenses were painted w/tamiya clear orange... I wish I had a GMC emblem for the front grille... I may try to make one... I also got the glasses in and the rear tailigts and third brake light I still need to make the ones for the rear doors.. I also added the 3500 decals to the doors... thanks for looking and comments welcome...






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