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your safe display/cases?

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I've been wondering how you guys display or keep your cars safe from the little ones or even worse that evil little thing called dust. I bought a rather cheap bookshelf installed some rope lighting and screwed some plexi to the front. Ill try to post a pic for some reason I have problems uploading


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I have two old china cabinets. I got the first one for free and paid $100 for the larger one that is in my home office. They display the models nicely and keep them out of dust. I no longer have little children, nor have we ever had cats. TJ The Wonder Dog is firmly planted on the ground.


This is the larger china cabinet that I bought. It's huge and looks more like a display case than a china cabinet.

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I make my own cases from plexiglas (Lowe's or Home Depot) and clear silicone caulk. It's relatively easy. I posted a tutorial on making them some time ago. Perhaps a search will find it for you.

Jim, I looked up the tutorial. I remember it being very good. Only problem is all the photos aren't displaying.


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Tom, you have the most beautiful display cases.

Tom I love the rounded glass that is so cool

Thanks Guys! I saw it at a consignment furniture store marked down to $100 and just had to have it. It is a china cabinet but looks more like a display case with the rounded glass. The bottom section has some laminate that has fogged so I may replace it or paint it gloss black like the top of the case. I also will add an extra shelf between each existing one as I need the display space.


I have this old china cabinet up in the model room. This was my original display case that I've had over 25 years. I got it for free when my sister was moving and leaving it behind.


Another freebie, this small display case had the bottom wet so I had to refinish the base. It still isn't perfect. It's not a great case for models because only two fit per shelf. And in the corner are a couple of plexiglass display cases I bought at NNL East. I still haven't gotten to using them.

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When fixing perspex to the front of book cases to keep the dust out I ran a strip of hockey stick moulding along the bottom of the lowest shelf for it to sit in and used magnetic cupboard catches to hold it in place.

Add maybe one or two screws if you have to also keep out small fingers.

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