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Greetings from Michigan

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Hey-oh! Hailing from Livonia, Michigan, it's new member GeeTeePee!

My real name is Bill Crandall. I'm currently a student (on summer break) at Lawrence Tech University in Southfield, MI. Along with being an avid collector of diecast cars (Hot Wheels, Matchbox, Maisto, Johnny Lightning primarily), I enjoy several other hobbies as well: gaming, playing guitar and piano, singing, driving, car maintenance and modification, and several others I could bore you with listing.

I've built a few model cars in my 19 years of existence, so you could say I'm fairly inexperienced. But that's why I joined this forum - I'm looking for tips, tricks, and support from veteran model builders. I'm currently working on a Revell '67 Chevy Camaro Z/28 1:24 kit.

Oh, and if you couldn't tell, my username is inspired by my real 1:1 scale car - a 2003 Pontiac Grand Prix GTP.

So, that's it from me! Thanks for listening and I hope to see some of you around the forums.

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Bill, bein in Livonia, if your close to Southfeild Freeway, just cruise on down to Ford Rd to the Dearborn Ice Skateing Center, on the THIRD FRIDAY of EVERY month and drop in on the DMCC monthly meeting! Ask for George, or Chris or Paul or just come on in an set, you'll be welcomed like family! Welcome to the forum!

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Welcome Bill, you came to the right place. I know when I started building models again as an adult, there wasn't an Internet so I joined a local club. My model quality jumped amazingly high quickly due to the tips and coaching I received. A lot of what we do is more knowing the tip, than a hard to master talent. So now that we are in the Internet age, you can do that 24/7! Follow the build threads and tips, you'll learn a lot. And you are allowed to ask questions too! Good luck.

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Hey buddy! I'm going to start my junior year in Lawrence Tech too! Great to know you!

Btw, I'm nuts about matchbox diecast too, along with hotwheels and Johnny Lighting! and I'm fairly new to model kit ( I started building P51 Mustang and 70s Formula One snap kits around 10yo or 11 but my hobby was abandoned for quite a while until resumed recently ) , and I finished Revell Trabant 601s , '92 Ford Tbird SC, '95 Dodge Viper GTS and Impala SS...

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