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ford / chevy partsbash > pick up with a twist

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going frankenstein with left over parts and stuff i already cut op tpo use parts for other builds

started with this 1940 ford pick-up cabine , back then i chopped this cab and put brass tubing on the firewall

sanded of the red paint first to reveil the black underneith


after a lot of sanding i got through the black and then the primer and found styrene again

then took the rear quarter panels of a 57 chevy and cut up the roof of the chevy to use as bed cover


put a wheel in the rear


and started to look at difefrent wheels and tyres

here with a styrene sleeve and a small styrene rim as center



same but used a hub cap in the center


i loved this one myself



now i want to use the front clip of the chevy but there are no headlights or bumper or grille , so i then should make a custom front end .. or maybe i can look at a nother front end from left overs

i want a blown v8 sticking through the hood , i will just let the parts lead me

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Should be cool. I've seen videos of a Pro Mod truck doing high speed burn outs and it's awesome. Finland, I think.


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thnx guys

and luc well i already had that picture and was thinking about it , for now i removed the cover i made on the bed .. so maybe i will go that direction ,, not a exact copy but ..

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decided to go with the style of the rat pick up with the coronet ass >


started on my version , instead of a coronet its a 57 chevy rear end

placed the light houses , bumper , that became a whole lot shorter


found the perfect tyres with a good sand they will look like the reference rod




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made a tailgate , the chevy trunk was not usable i already used part of that .. so i took a chevy trunk lid and bend it into shape did the round shae myself by heating and bending ....

i had 3 corvette bodus so i hacked one up .. other parts are usefull in the future :)

glued a bar of sprue on the top rear of the trunklid wich i will flatten and file into shape later




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thnx bryan !

i made good progres this morning :)

first i took the rim backsides that fit the axle and made them a lot smaller (width) and for the picture with dryfitting put some deeper bbs rims in the tyres


made a closed part in the bed , underneith i can slide in a gas tank (need to make that) and let the fillerneck come up through the top plate..

need to make wheel wells and a floor


i had old new beetle rims i saved from the bin ounce .. and took the revell rims you find in a lot of kits ..

i never use there revell rims because they are to common ..

so now i could use them as a center for deep dish rims



and ... need to spray them chrome


under the rod


like the reference rod the rims fall deep into the tyre and are nice and deep



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thnx david !!

did a lot of dryfitting and searching for the right parts and look



then i decided to spray the whole rear in primer to see how it looked .. red is hard to see where there are issues or ..

now it wil be a rougher rod but hmm it actually was pretty smooth ..




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sprayed the rims chrome and then after drying painted them with brown oild paint and with a wet cuetip removed the brown oild paint leaving it in the edges and deeper parts


sanded a bit on the primed rear end


here you see its brown in the rims


the cabine is next i guess thats not primed , need to make a strip on the side and clean up some stuff like pannellines


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thnx !!

the rear will sit higer eventually so that its got a rake in the cab and bed

just closed some gaps on the inside of the bed , the underside and on the sides of the tailgate .. beside the cut chevy parts its all left overs and some old plastic so i just filled in the gaps with car bondo that becomes rockhard

its drying tomorrow i can sand the bondo


the inside of the bed will get more detail later


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thnx guys

started on the chassis , engine in , driveshft and some struts from the axle to the chassis , still rough / start






this is how i want to put the body on like the example rod i showed , a bot of rake in the body and bed ...


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thnx !

started on the front suspension , went for the leaf spring suspended .....

oh and for the purists its a chevy front axle with a ford leaf spring ... i know some may go nuts and thinking its sacrilege ..

well its just stuff i think looks cool and it so happens to be chevy and ford parts mixed up hahahaha

"bad mariage" hehe


only need to make the bars from the axle to the chasis



i tried every combination of wheels and i have enough choise , already was thinking nothing would work , it just didnt look right in the front earea ... untill i tried these thinking they would not look good and whow perfect proportions and look



hacked up some rim backs



made a gass tank , and the fun part is the words mean nice hey ? .. that was not done on purpose i sawed a pen to pieces and glued the end caps on and then saw that hahahaha


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