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'06 Nissan 350Z


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AMT/ERTL's 2007 release of a fast and furious tokyo drift car

There were apparently alot of modelling backers (Universal, GM, Dodge, Ford, Nissan, Toyota, and Goodyear) on this one as it does go together very well, .....

but of course,... I have to modify it!...

The nose looked weird (too round) on the kit, so I filed and sanded until,... paper thin plastic was showing light thru! STOP ... That led to filing and sanding the hood (bonnet) to match,... and ya

It does resemble the 1:1 car better


My next big step ....Opening doors,... I'm diving in!

Full mockup (glass, interior chassis, and wheels) to see where insides of doors should be, ...

Marked on outer skins to place 2 halves together,

||Before cutting inner door,... measure gap of sill,.. and use that later, as a guide for inner/ outer fitment?..... I guess ..


I also added flares to the flat sided body panels, using flat stock under Milliput Standard (yellow-grey) and Squadron white putty,....So,... lots of sanding yet!?!!


This is the look I'm going for. More of a Rocket Shark

Rear windows have been filled to accept sail panel vents? I dunno..... just need something there!?!

Not sure of the 23" torque's yet ,...Have a couple sets coming from HobbyLinc (Ga.) to compare

Cutting the side glass off now, and will use clear pkg. material for those.

Oh (the '55 too, is still getting mudded and sanded :blink: ) SQUIRREL!!

Happy modelling


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On a roll, the '55 is gonna wait...

I have sanded until the carpal set in, but the flares are almost there,..

Doors cut out,.. back filed the body and doors to thin them out,...

Last mock up looked a little high in the front so ,...

Added Styrene to the bottom air dam ,.


Now more file sand, fill, file, sand, fill, ad nauseum ...

......this is fun.....


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Yes Yes and Yes,... Where,How much,..NOW

That is exactly what I was thinking

but, thats alot of holes to drill in the Peg's :lol::lol::lol:

I'm still trying to come up with the best way to mask the1st outer rim and shoot the spokes flat black.....


........ Bueller


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After much sand fill sand fill...

She's out of primer !!

Love the digicam ... now I know where to fill sand fill... again

Front dam extension came out alright,... I think

Anyway here she is.....

I like to use Duplicolor sandable black primer,.... when you see grey/white plastic ,... you are at base!!


Gettin' there

Happy Modelling


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A little more sanding filling sanding, Duplicolor primer sealer on this one ...

Cut out the inner doors IMG_4050600x450_zps23579b13.jpg

and starting on hinges


Started engine , but ...

its not a V-8!!,... so.. much research left to do ...!


and a wheel choice..?

IMG_4017600x450_zps5860ce4f.jpgIMG_4042600x450_zps0ff7d3d7.jpgBody colour will be Racing yellow with Black air dam level, all around Low stripe and rear wing

Thinking about smoothing the only vertical line on the car......

the door handles!!

Thanks for looking Q,C&C's welcome


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So tried the white glue on outer rims ..Like that trick!!

I brushed over the edges and down the outside of the barrel

Waited 3 days....


Left the chrome on the pegasus 23' "T's" and shot 'em with rattle can Duplicolor Universal Black

Waited 3 days

... scraped the white glue on the outsides (unseen)

And soaked the wheels in HOT water


Qtip with virgin lemon juice(just kidding) :lol::lol::lol:

Thnx again Fred!

QC+C's welcome


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  • 2 weeks later...

Ok ....

Back at 'er... (had to build that dirtbike)

Had a flurry of activity tonight,..

Dove in and got those doors hinged,..! they actually open IMG_4107600x450_zpsa592e51c.jpg

and... close!!



Needed to dremel out the under dash panels..


I used a red plastic wrapped paper clip and 2mm (1/16") o.d. aluminium tube..


trial and error pic..

IMG_4099600x450_zpsbe8ea124.jpgthe loop needs to be approx. 7mm o.d. (1/4"(for the other old school Canadian carpenters out there))

and I left the door side shorter to be able to take the doors off for paint and polish...

Started on the engine and so far so good,..


lots of reference pics on Google,... TG... This is not a north american engine!!???

Had to make something to make that engine bay just that much more cramped!!


I've been itchin' to paint this for a couple weeks!!....

but I'm glad I didn't.

There is a lot left to do before then

Q's,C's+C's welome!, and right now, needed...


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